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Italian Army Brigadier General Tommaso Vitale joined NATO Office Belgrade as MLO Chief in January 2020 after a long and successful military career both in Italy and abroad, leaving the position of the Deputy Commander of the Operational Forces Command (North) in Padova. 

Previously, among other duties, he commanded the 132nd Heavy Artillery Regiment/1st Battalion, joining the KFOR Mission twice as "Task Force" Commander, was Cavalry Brigade CoS and Italian Contingent in Iraq CoS, Commander of Horses artillery regiment, head of military Policy office at the Italian Permanent Representative at NATO HQ BRUX Chief of Staff to Operational Forces Command (North) HQs in Padova. 

He holds Bachelor Degrees in Strategic Affairs and Political Science, including a 2nd Level Master in Strategic Affairs as well. 

Fluent in English and Spanish with a good knowledge of French. He is author of the book "batterie a cavallo" (horses batteries).

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