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Brigadier General Antonello Messenio Zanitti

B.G. Zanitti, born on May 13 1964, enlisted in 1984 and graduated from the Military Academy.
In September 1986 he was promoted first lieutenant and in 1988 was commissioned as a lieutenant into the 4th HAWK Missile Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment where he served as deputy commander and battery commander.
In 1992, Zanitti was promoted captain and in 1996 attended the Army General Staff course at the War School Staff College.
In 1998, while a major, he was assigned to the NATO Rapid Reaction Corp where he served as Air Defence and Air Space Management officer, and he was awarded the NATO medal for services in the "Joint Guardian Operation" in Kosovo.
In 2002, Zanitti was promoted lieutenant colonel, he attended the Joint Higher General Staff course and afterwards was appointed as the Planning Branch Chief at the "Mantova" Division in Vittorio Veneto.
He served a tour of duty in Iraq as Chief G5 (plans) from October 2002 to February 2003 in the Multinational Division South-East in Basrah.
For services during the Gulf War was awarded the NATO medal for services in Iraq.
In September 2002 he took the command of the 1st Air Defence Battalion in Cremona and in September 2003 he was stationed in the Land Operational Forces HQ in Verona where he served as Chief of the Section, Planning Branch.
In March 2008, Zanitti was promoted colonel taking command of the 4th HAWK Air Defence Regiment in Mantova.
After the command, he attended the Senior Staff College course in Rome and in 2011 was assigned at the Land Operational Forces HQ where he served as G1 (Personnel) Chief of Office.
From July 2013 to July 2016 he was assigned to SHAPE (Supreme Headquarter Allied Europe) in Belgium where he served as Chief of the Manpower and Organization Branch.
In July 2015 he was promoted Brigadier General and in 2016 has been assigned in Sabaudia where he serves as Commander of the Air Defence Brigade for three years.
Afterward, closed the period of Brigade Commander, Gen. Zanitti was assigned to the Land Operational Support Forces HQ where he held the position of COS until 10 December 2021. BG. Zanitti graduated in Strategic Science and in Mechanical Engineering in Turin and has three Master Degrees.
He is married to Franca and he has two sons, Giacomo (2003) and Nicolò (2005).

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