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Welcome Letter

It is with the greatest pleasure that I welcome you to the Joint Force Command Naples, one of the two Joint Force Command Headquarters in the NATO Command Structure. Your nation has chosen you as its representative within this Headquarters where you will face a wide range of professional challenges across the many areas of NATO interest. I am sure that you will thrive on these challenges and enjoy working within this special team at JFC Naples. This assignment will undoubtedly provide you with excellent experience for your future professional and personal endeavours.

I also hope that you and your family will feel at home in your new surroundings and that you find much to enjoy and appreciate in Giugliano in Campania, the nearby metropolis of Naples and of course all of Italy. Enclosed with the welcome package you will find a unique guide on Italy and the local facilities.

You will learn more about who we are and what we do during introductory briefings which are specifically tailored to your needs. However, please keep in mind that training and education is a mutual, never-ending process among our staff. It is a unique opportunity to harvest all the twenty-two-NATO-nation staff members' experience in our collective learning process.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy living in this friendly community during your tour in Naples

Yours sincerely

Luciano Portolano
Lieutenant General, IT A Army

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In Processing

a.    Reporting to your National Support Element
Upon your arrival you should report to your National Support Element (NSE) located in Building A (Main Complex), Area A6. Your NSE will prepare all needed documents for you and your dependents in order to be in-processed. You will be assigned either to JFC Naples, to NCIA, to the 2nd NATO Signal Battalion (2NSB) or to your National Support Element. If you are a NATO Civilian, you will need to report directly to the Human Resources Branch Civilian Personnel Office which acts as your National Support Element.

b.    NATO ID Cards and Security Badge
Once your NSE has prepared all documents needed to be inprocessed. Please contact your National Support Element. They will provide you with a sponsor.

c.    Driving License
All official drivers’ licenses from any of the European Union (EU) countries are recognized in Italy; however a translation of the EU license is required. This may be obtained through Pass & ID. Personnel from non-EU Countries have to report to Building A, Area A-6, Pass & ID Office. Pass & ID Office will provide them with a valid driver’s license (based upon their National Driving License).

d. Codice Fiscale (Fiscal Code)
The "Codice Fiscale” or "CF” (ITA for "Fiscal Code”) is somewhat similar to the US Social Security Number. It is
requested for making major financial transactions (purchasing of certain goods, applying for an electricity contract, opening of a bank account, etc.) and for many other purposes. It is recommended you get your "CF” ASAP. Your NSE will provide you with further details.

f. Health Care – Italian National System – Immunizations
(1) EU citizens: proof of income (income statement) is required to guarantee that you can satisfy your family needs (prepared by yourself – "autocertificazione”). The following additional documents may also be required: a valid ID card, Codice Fiscale, Certification of Employment/Assignment, and full health insurance (usually the E 106, E 109, E 111 forms serve this purpose). The first step is for you and your dependants to bring the E 111 card to the Local Health Care office (Azienda Sanitaria Locale – ASL) and enroll. The second step is to choose your Italian Medical Practitioner (at the local ASL). Now, you’re all set.
(2) NON EU citizens: a Permesso di Soggiorno (Sojourner’s Permit) is needed only for family members, since the military personnel fall under the current SOFA between NATO and Italy. After that you must apply for a residency permit for your family and follow the steps above to complete your enrolment.
(3) Immunization: bring with you the immunization (vaccination) records for you and your family members and make sure they are up-to-date. Remember, all children entering Italian public schools must have had a series of immunizations. Failure to provide proof will result in children not being allowed to attend school. Some of the mandatory vaccinations are as follows, BUT DO CHECK WITH THE CHILD’S DOCTOR FOR GUIDANCE:
  • At 11 to 15 months, the baby must be vaccinated against measles, mumps and rubella (German Measles)
  • At 11 to 12 months: diphtheria, tetanus, polio, Haemophilus influenza b, Hepatitis B
  • At 3 years: polio
  • At 5 to 6 years: diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis
For children between 12 and 24 months of age, the PN7V (Pneumococcal heptavalent conjugate), MenC (meningococcal C conjugate) and Var (varicella) vaccines are recommended for some children only. Again, please check with the child’s doctor for guidance.

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At Work

a.    Uniform Requirements
You will need complete summer and winter service uniformsand field uniforms because you may be expected to deploy on field exercises or in crisis situations. The battle dress uniform is worn for everyday duty, while on some occasions you will need to wear your formal uniform.

b.    Duty Hours
At JFC HQ Naples, the standard duty hours are as follows: From Monday to Thursday from 08.00 to 17.00, on Friday from 08.00 to 15.00. For particular periods or events (e.g. exercises) a special Battle Rhythm may be implemented. This will be announced by the relevant Authorities.

c.    Dining Facilities (messing) dining facilities
During duty hours you may eat your meals in several locations to include one international dining hall and cafe located in the community center, and the Admirals Mess and cafe located in the main headquarters building

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On Base

a.    Base Internal Driving Regulations
Within the base a 30 kph speed limit is mandatory. Parkingis only permitted in the white lines. Blue lines are reserved parking. The International Military Police (IMP) will conduct
random spot-checks. It is unlawful for any person to perform any act forbidden by Post Regulation 70-6. Failure to comply with the mentioned policy will lead to suspension or revocation of base driving privileges.
B. Parking
Parking colour codes on base are:
  • White - general parking.
  • Blue - reserved parking.
  • Yellow - handicapped area or no parking area.
  • Yellow striping - loading zone or no parking.
  • Red curbed areas indicate no stopping, standing or parking.
All vehicles authorized to enter JFCNP Post, must display car pass/visitors pass or other form of authorization including insurance coupon on the windshield at all times.

c. Special Parking special parking
Long term parking on JFCNP Post is located near the satellite area. If you intend to park for an extended period of time (in excess of 48 hours) because you are on TDY or on approved leave, you must request authorization from the Post Commander by submitting a Parking Request (Form is available in Post Commanders’ front office).

Those authorized to do so, must keep the approved request, JFCNP car pass and the insurance coupon on the windshield of the vehicle for the full time requested.

d.Stopping or Parking is prohibited
  • Within any area or parking lot not clearly lined, marked or otherwise designated for parking.
  • Within a marked triangular space at the end of marked parking spaces.
  • Within any area marked "NO PARKING".
  • On the roadway side of any vehicle stopped or parked at the edge of the curb or edge of the street.
  • Facing and within the opposing lane of traffic.
  • On a sidewalk.
  • Within 9 meters of an intersection.
  • Within 7 meters of a crosswalk.
  • Upon any seeded or grassed area;
  • Within 4.5 meters of a fire hydrant.
  • In excess of any posted or clearly marked time limit.
  • In any manner so as to obstruct a driveway;
  • In any reserved parking space not authorized to do so;
  • In any area that is occupied with construction equipment or materials.
  • In any area marked with a yellow curb.
e.JFCNP Recycling Program program
On the 1st of March 2010, JFCNP began a waste recycling program and the BSG Branch Head kindly asks you to follow these steps to help to keep the base clean:
Each building is provided with medium-sized bins, mostly along the corridors or near the entrances. Special containers for the collection of Plastic, Metal, and Glass have been positioned at each floor, while bins for the collection of Batteries and Toner cartridges have been positioned on the ground floor of each building.
Each workstation is equipped with baskets for the collection of Paper and Cardboard and for unsorted waste. Baskets and bins are emptied every day by the cleaning staff, who are responsible for moving their content into the specific external roadside dumpsters for each waste category.

Dumpsters for the disposal of separate waste - Plastic, Metal, Glass and Unsorted - are located within the HQ. These dumpsters are only to be used by authorized personnel and contractors. No private waste is allowed.

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Morale & Welfare

MWA supports all NATO members assigned to JFCNP; there is a Community Centre with duty free shops that sell Audio/Visual equipment, perfumes and sports goods and a Food and Beverage store for grocery items. In the summer, the JFCNP swimming pool is opened and many activities are organized all year round.
For further information visit MWA site at www.mwanaples.org

 a. Shopping Facilities
The main shopping facility is located in the Community Centre, also known as the "International Store”. You can also find the Navy EX located on the ground floor of the main building, behind the NSE entrance.

b.  Dining Facilities
On post you may eat your meals in several locations:
  • International Mess: Community Centre
  • Pelino’s Bar: Community Centre

For sandwiches and quick snacks:
  • Aragri Gas Station Bar
  • Bar Rizzo: Main Building Entrance
Menu and prices vary at each location

c.  Banking
It is preferable to have an Italian bank account for income purposes, to cash a check in Euro currency, to pay your phone bills and other utilities bills and for the automatic payment of highway tolls (Telepass). Most bills can be paid at a Post Office as well. Banco di Napoli and the Italian Post Office are located in the Community Centre.
d.    Postal Services
The collection of official mail is a function carried out by the Central Registry (Mail Distribution Section). Any correspondence that does not pertain solely to the business of NATO/JFC Naples/NCSA is considered unofficial mail. All military and civilian personnel who want to receive their personal mail (i.e. telephone, electricity, and water bill) at JFC Naples may do so through their National Support Elements. Please follow the example below.

Allied Joint Force Command Naples
U.K. National Support Element
CO: NAME (without rank)
Via Madonna del Pantano
e.    Housing
The JFC Naples compound does not have any military housing facility within the base. Therefore, you will have to rent a house/apartment. You can receive assistance at the Family Centre located in the Community Centre.  For more details on Family Centre, please go to: www.mwanaples.org/familycentre.html
f.    Schooling
There are no schools on the Lago Patria Base. MWA has agreements for discounts to JFCN NATO members for the International School and Anglo-Italian School in Bagnoli and the Greengarden and the Monticelli Inst in Lago Patria. For more information please contact MWA directly.

g.    Library
JFC Naples library is located in the Community Centre, Level 2. NATO ID Card Holders can borrow books for free. DVD movies may also be borrowed by paying a one-time fee of €10. You can also use the internet points.
h.    Fitness Center Membership and Rules
Blue, Red and Green NATO ID card holders may use the Gym free of charge. Medical certificates do not have to be provided by military personnel since they have yearly physicals, but civilian employees and all NATO dependents must provide a medical certificate from their physician, stating that they are fit for athletic and non competitive sports. This certificate will be valid one year only. This requirement also regards minors participating in the previously mentioned sports. There are some additional rules to follow in the gym: you must bring your own towel and you can enter the sport zone only with your gym shoes. Military boots are not allowed inside the gym. For a better usage of the technical equipment, feel free to ask the instructors. They are fully trained and specialized and ready to help. There is an approved regulation to read and sign before joining the Fitness Center. There is also a policy for minors with waivers to be signed before allowing access.

i.    MWA Family Centre
The Family Centre is in contact with a wide number of real estate agencies and can provide help and guidance for an efficient and productive house search. These agencies are located in the surrounding area, but cover the entire Naples and Caserta provinces. Provide your requirements to the Family Centre (house/apartment, numbers of bedrooms, furnished or not, etc) and they will start the search for you. The Family Centre will also assist you in contract opening e.g.:
• Home Telephone
• Gas
• Water
• Electricity
• Pay TV.
• Resolution of Billing Issues with various utilities;
• Transaction with Government authorities;
• Assistance in Tenant / Landlord relations;
• Assistance in contacting services for towing vehicles;
• Contract Assistance for Renting, Buying and Selling Homes
• House Maintenance: Minor electrical work, Air Conditioning, Plumbing, Painting, etc.
• Assistance for any Personal Documentation (Fiscal code, property titles etc.)
• GEICO Insurance
• UNIPOL Insurance
• Legal Services
• CAF/CISAL Fiscal assistance

MWA Family Centre operates:
Mon - Thurs 08:30 - 17:00. Fri 08:30 - 15:00. Sat/Sun Closed
Phone ext. 2210 or 081.7212210.
For Emergency Calls: +39.349.1434175
e-mail: nato.familyCentre@gmail.com

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