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RC East


Regional Command-East (RC-E) is a NATO command, with headquarters at Camp "Bondsteel", located near Ferizaj in the south eastern part of Kosovo. 

Regional Command East represents a full complement of contributing NATO and partner nations, and it is organized with four multinational elements, in addition to the RC-E headquarters: the kinetic battalion, non-kinetic battalion, general aviation support task force, and a logistics support group. 

The kinetic battalion represents the manoeuvring component of RC-E, appointed to support local and international organisations (Kosovo Police and EULEX) in case the security situation deteriorates in Kosovo. The manoeuvring units can be rapidly deployed throughout RC-E Area of Responsibility (AoR), operating to guarantee a safe and secure environment and freedom of movement for all the people living in Kosovo. Most of the kinetic battalion troops come from U.S., Poland and Turkey. 

The non-kinetic battalion instead supports situational awareness and communication campaign in RC-E AOR liaising with local authorities, IOs and NGOs. It collaborates to the maintenance of a Safe and Secure Environment and Freedom of Movement, monitoring and early identification of security, socio- economic and political situations. The non-kinetic battalion operates with assets called Liaison and Monitoring Teams (LMTs), which significantly contribute to improve the relationships among all the communities of the area but also to foster the citizens' credibility towards KFOR. 

Troops from Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Finland, Hungary and Switzerland take part to this unit. 

 The general aviation support Task Force, composed by rotating wing aircrafts UH-60 "Blackhawk", provides medical casualty transportations and air mobility for all KFOR troops. 

RC-E is commanded by US Officer, Colonel Jason S. Baker.

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