Military Partnership Branch delegation takes part in Expert Staff Meeting in Belgrade/ Serbia

Dec 9, 2014
BELGRADE - Serbia- on 5th December 2014, a delegation of Headquarters Allied Joint Force Command Naples` Military Partnership Branch visited the Ministry of Defence of Serbia in the framework of the annual Military Cooperation Expert Staff Meeting. 
The meeting was co-chaired by Lieutenant Colonel Boris Stojković, Head of PfP Group in the Department for International Military Cooperation and Colonel Vincent Alexandre, Head of the Military Partnership Branch.
Discussions included the Objective-Based Line of Engagement for Serbia, the review of cooperation program between Serbia and NATO in 2014, Roadmap development and cooperation program with NATO in 2015, Operational Capabilities Concept (OCC E&F) perspectives for 2015 and beyond, and the latest developments on the partnership interoperability initiative emanating from the Wales Summit.
The Republic of Serbia remains committed to increasing interoperability with NATO, after her declared forces to the OCC pool of forces have successfully passed NATO Evaluation level 2 last September 2014. In particular, Serbia expressed her intent to declare one new Military Engineering General Support Company to the OCC pool of forces. If confirmed, this unit should start the whole cycle of evaluations as of 2016.

This meeting enabled the delegation of the Military Partnership Branch and its partners to openly discuss progress under various initiatives and to ensure that our partners were correctly supported by NATO through Joint Force Command Naples. Frankness and transparency characterized the exchanges and the quality of the discussions was unanimously appreciated.

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