COMKFOR meets with the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia

Dec 15, 2014
PRISTINA, Kosovo, on the 12th December 2014, KFOR Commander, Major General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, met with the Minister of Defence of Slovenia Janko Veber, the Chief of the General Staff of Slovenian Armed Forces, General Andrej Osterman, and a delegation of two Slovenian Members of Parliament at the NATO KFOR Headquarters.
This is the first official visit to the Balkans area and in Kosovo. During the visit they discussed the current security situation in the area and the contribution given to KFOR by the Slovenian Contingent.
KFOR Commander and Mr. Veber agreed on the importance of the role of KFOR in supporting, as the third responder, Kosovo Police and EULEX, in order to maintain a safe and secure environment and the freedom of movement, thus allowing the development of better social and economic conditions.
The Minister of Defence reassured that Slovenia will stay committed in KFOR as long as this would be needed. Slovenia with its presence in KFOR wants to contribute to collective security and to international commitments. He said that it is very important that peace and stability in the region are maintained.
Currently, about 310 Slovenian troops are deployed across Kosovo. Its contribution began in 2000 and it now provides one of the largest contingents in Kosovo.
Slovenian soldiers are mainly deployed in Pec/Peja, as part of the Multinational Battle Group West, other service-members are part of the JRDs Center and North, Helicopter assets as well as members of KFOR HQ Staff in Camp "Film City”.

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