2nd Balkan Liaison Working Group held in Sarajevo

Dec 15, 2014
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina, 11 Dec 2014:
Brigadier General Richter, JFCNP ACOS J9 called the second Balkan Liaison Working Group (BLWG) meeting at Camp Butmir, Sarajevo to bring together the three Senior Military Representatives from Mission Headquarters in the Balkans. With Brigadier Christopher Petty from NATO Headquarters Sarajevo hosting, the event, the meeting was also attended by Brigadier General Lucio Batta (Chief Military Liaison Office Belgrade) and  Captain (Navy) Rumen Radev (Chief NATO Liaison Office Skopje).
As in the previous event held in Belgrade, the BLWG gave BG Richter the opportunity to examine the individual and shared issues of the three Mission Headquarters and seek areas for possible synergies. According to BG Richter, "I am very pleased with the openness and candidness of the reporting and  discussions I have heard today from the Senior Military Representatives and their staff. The BLWG allows the operational and tactical levels to discuss issues and aim for solutions. It is an extremely valuable forum for all concerned. I also wish to congratulate General Petty for a magnificent job of hosting”.

The next BLWG is planned to held in Skopje in the spring of 2015.

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