'Naples Vision 4' wraps up in Romania

Dec 10, 2015


BUCHAREST, Romania - Allied Joint Force Command Naples held the final "Naples Vision" symposium of the year at Romania's National Military Circle building, Dec. 10, 2015.

Key NATO leadership were on hand for 'Naples Vision 4' to include NATO Response Force (NRF) component commanders and NATO Force Integration Unit representatives. The event featured a series of presentations and dialogues amongst the participants.

"Naples Vision 4 will provide the opportunity to effect a live handover between NRF 2015 and NRF 2017 component commanders and mark the successful closure of NRF 2015 reporting requirements allowing production of commander's guidance to NRF 2017 component commanders," said Lieutenant General Alain Parent, JFC Naples Deputy Commander, during his opening remarks.

Parent credits the Naples Vision series for developing key strategies and tactics towards a more credible and capable NRF.

"It was clear to me during my first Naples Vision conference in Bulgaria that the personal engagement between commanders and key staff is critical in strengthening the NRF team and this is the value of these conferences," Lt. Gen. Parent said.

'Naples Vision 4' capped a series of Naples Vision events with previous versions having taken place in Naples, Spain and Bulgaria.

Story and photos by Allied Joint Force Command Naples Public Affairs



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