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Chief of Staff and Head of European Union Command Element

Lieutenant General Antonio Vittiglio

Lieutenant General Antonio Vittiglio was born on April 10, 1960 in Turin. He is a graduate of the Italian Military Academy and he was commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant into the Infantry, on September 1, 1982.

As a junior officer he served in the “Folgore” Division as Platoon and Company commander at the 37th Battalion of the “Trieste” Brigade. After this tour, he was selected as commander of the stand-alone Anti-Tank Company in the “Friuli” Brigade and then he was appointed Cadets’ Company commander at the Military Academy.

In 1998 he was deployed as Staff Officer in SFOR Headquarter, in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Subsequently he was appointed Battalion Commander at the 151st Sassari Infantry Regiment. During this period his Battalion was deployed on Operation “JOINT GUARDIAN” in Kosovo.

Promoted to Colonel in 2004, he commanded the 152nd Sassari Infantry regiment and under his command (January to June 2006) the regiment served in IRAQ during the Operation “ANTICA BABILONIA”.

As a Staff Officer he has held several positions at both the Italian Army (AGS) and the Defence General Staff (DGS), such as Chief of Personnel Office (Officers) at the Human Resources Department at the AGS and Deputy Chief of Personnel Department at the DGS.

Promoted to Brigadier General in 2010 he commanded the “Garibaldi” Brigade.

Promoted to Major General in 2014, he took over command of the “Acqui” Division. From April to July 2015 he was also appointed Acting Commander of the 2nd Defence Force Command and in the same period he was the Tactical Commander for Sector South of Italy within “STRADE SICURE” Operation in order to guarantee an important presence on the National territory to maintain internal security.

In 2016, due to a major restructuring of the Italian Army organization, as “Acqui” Division Commander he took the command over the “Granadiers of Sardinia”, “Aosta”, “Pinerolo”, “Sassari” and “Garibaldi” Brigades, for a total of almost 22000 soldiers.

On September 3, 2018 Major General Vittiglio was appointed Deputy Commander of the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps-Turkey.

Since 01 July 2019 Major General Vittiglio has been promoted to Lieutenant General.

He holds a Bachelor and a Master Degrees in Strategic Military Studies and a Bachelor Degree in International politics and diplomatic relations from the University of Trieste.

He has attended both Basic and Advanced Staff Officers Course at the War College in Civitavecchia.

He also attended the Royal College of Defence Studies in Great Britain (2009) and the General Flag Officer’s and Ambassador’s Course at the NATO Defence College (2012).

His principal honorary awards and decorations include Army Meritorious Silver and Bronze Cross, Officer of the Meritorious Order of the Republic of Italy, Meritorious Gold and silver Medal of Italian Red Cross, Gold Medal for Long Service, Army Gold medal for Longevity in Command, Nato Medals for peace-keeping missions in Bosnia and Kosovo, National Medal for peace-keeping mission in Iraq.

Since 5 September 2019 Lieutenant General Antonio Vittiglio has been appointed as Joint Force Command Naples Chief of Staff and Head of European Union Command Element.

He is married to Anna Maria. He enjoys running and playing basketball. He also loves music and reading, especially history and geopolitical essays.

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