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 Sep 8 2019

NATO members remember Iraqi fallen soldiers and discover the millennial history of IraQ

BAGHDAD – On 6 September 2019, members of the NATO Mission Iraq conducted a visit in the city of Baghdad. The aim was to discover more about the rich culture that has contributed to the development of Iraq throughout history.

The group first stopped at the Monument to the Unknown Soldier to pay respect and lay a wreath during a short ceremony.

Military men and women share a mutual respect for duty and sacrifice. It is an honour for us to pay tribute to the fallen of our Iraqi colleagues with whom NATO Mission Iraq works every day.

Major-General Dany Fortin

For the second part of this visit, the group headed to the Iraq Museum to learn more about the Mesopotamian, Babylonian and Persian civilizations. The Iraq Museum's collections are considered to be among the most important in the world, and the vast exhibition halls allowed members to see the richness of the know-how of these ancient civilizations. An experienced guide accompanied the group throughout the visit to provide explanations of each era.

The participants were impressed by the precision of the art and the advance development of the writing initiated by those civilizations. “This country and the region have a rich and proud history. Understanding the past helps us to forge a productive partnership between NATO Mission Iraq and the Ministry of Defence today and in the future.concluded Major-General Fortin at the end of the visit.

Story by NMI Public Affairs Office

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