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Jul 1 2019

1st Negotiation Seminar at Iraqi Defence University for Military Studies

BAGHDAD, Iraq - The 1st seminar on negotiation took place at the Defence University for Military Studies on June 17-18, 2019.

The seminar was organized in conjunction with the Prime Minister Office Training and Development Department which has extended the invitations also to the Prime Minister’s National Operations Centre (PMNOC).  Participants from Ministry of Interior, Agriculture, and Foreign Affairs have attended with great interest.

Presentations were given from personnel of NATO Mission Iraq (NMI) with extensive experience in commanding military units and with higher education, ranged from skills, strategies and techniques to cultural differences in the negotiation. They were well received from an audience of 60 high and intermediate level managers in the Prime Minister’s Office and other Iraqi Governmental agencies. The topic was extremely important for the attendees since most of them are Chairmen in committees appointed by the Prime Minister.

The event is part of the commitment of NMI to support the Government of Iraq to develop a more credible, sustainable, transparent and effective National security structure.

On the second day of the seminar the audience was split in groups and worked on a fictional scenario, having the opportunity to exercise some of the themes previously seen during the seminar.

Ambassador Jeannette Seppen, NMI Senior civilian and Major-General Al Shimary, Chief of staff of the PMNOC, introduced the event and attended the seminar on both days. Ambassador Seppen then awarded the participants with certificates well deserved after such a concentrated but fruitful accomplishment.

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