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Director of Professional Security Education Division 

Brigadier General Özgür Demir

Brigadier General Özgür Demir was born in Adana in 1971.

1985-1989 He attended to Kuleli Military High School. After MHS he went to Military Academy and graduated as an Infantry First Lieutenant in 1993.

As an Infantry Officer, he got into Special Forces and worked in SF until 2000 as both SF Team Commander and Deputy Team Commander.

2000-2002 He was stationed in 1st Mechanized Infantry Brigade as a Mechanized Infantry Company Commander.

2002-2007 He was stationed in Commando School as an Instructor for both Special Operations and Mountaineering Division.

2007-2009 He was stationed in 51st Commando Brigade as a First Operations Officer of Battalion and Deputy Commander.

2009-2014 He attended 6th Corp Command HQ as CIMIC Officer and then as the Commander of Supply and Provide Unit of MOD.

2014-2016 He worked as the Deputy Military Attaché in Kabul/Afghanistan.

2016-2018 He temporarily stationed in Land Forces HQ and later in the same year COS of the 4th Commando Brigade.

2018-2019 He attended as the Commander of Regional Military Central Command.

2019-2020 He attended as the Deputy Commander of the 1st Commando Brigade.

2020-2021 He worked as the Commander of 17th Commando Brigade.

He has been working as a Senior Consultant in Central Command of Doctrine and Education HQ since 2021.

Brigadier General Demir has successfully been through many courses both nationally and internationally. He has worked in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq within both NATO Cadres and PRTs.

General Demir is married to Belma Demir and is the father of 4 kids. He likes martial arts.



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