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Lieutenant General Lucas Schreurs

Lieutenant General Lucas Schreurs from the Royal Netherlands Army was first conscripted in the 43 Tank Battalion in Germany and then began his training in 1988 at the Royal Military Academy (RMA) in Breda. Upon graduation he fulfilled several positions within the 42 Tank Battalion and was deployed to former Yugoslavia in 1996 as second in command of A-Squadron. In 2001 he was posted within the Ministry of Defence as spokesman and media project officer before attending the Staff Service Course in 2003.

He was promoted to Major and assigned as Head of Section 3 (OPS) for 101 Tank Battalion. He once again deployed to former Yugoslavia as Deputy Commander of the battalion task force in Bugojno, and later became the first commander of Sector HG in Livno, Bosnia. He was then posted as the military assistant to the Deputy Commander of Land Forces, and later as the executive secretary in the Cabinet of the Commander of Land Forces. Subsequently, he followed the Higher Defence Course and graduated from the Open University with a Master of Science degree.

In 2007 Schreurs was posted in Havelte as head of Section G5 (Plans) of 43 Mechanized Brigade. He prepared task forces for the ISAF mission and deployed in 2009 to Regional Command South, Afghanistan, as Chief CJ5 (Plans), where he developed the regional campaign plan and employment of US reinforcements. He returned to the Head of Section G3 (Ops) of the 43 Mechanized Brigade and acting Chief of Staff of the Brigade. In 2012 he earned his Red Beret upon completion of the Air Assault Leadership Course, and assumed command of the 11th Air Assault Battalion and Regimental Commander of the Grenadier and Rifles Guards. Following command in 2014, he became the Personal Advisor to the Chief of Defence (CHoD) where he advised strategic communication, and strategy, and was responsible for political and parliamentary affairs.

In 2016, he was promoted to Colonel, attended the United States Army War College at Carlisle, Pennsylvania, USA, and earned a Master’s Degree of Strategic Studies. He then returned to the Defence Staff as head of the Integrated Plans and Coordination Department within the Plans Directorate. His responsibilities included annual budget allocation and planning cycle, defence investment planning, and the integral coordination of plans within the Defence Staff. In 2020, he was appointed head of the Department of Integration of the Army Staff and also served as acting Director of Staff. As of June 2021, he was promoted to Brigadier General and appointed Commander of 11 Air Assault Brigade, Arnhem. As of February 2024 then Major General Lucas Schreurs was promoted to the Lieutenant General and started preparing for his assignment as Commander of the NATO Mission Iraq. He took over command on 24 May 2024.

Lucas Schreurs and his wife Linda live in Arnhem. He has two children. His hobbies include endurance sports, golf, music (specifically drums), reading and construction.


2024 Force Commander NATO Mission Iraq
2021 Commanding General 11 Air Assault Brigade, Arnhem
2020 Director of Staff, Army Staff, Utrecht
2017 Head Department of Plans and Integration, Defence Staff, The Hague
2016 US Army War College, Carlisle, USA
2014 Personal Advisor to the Chief of Defence, The Hague
2012 Commander 11 Air Assault / Airborne Battalion, Arnhem
2011 Acting Chief of Staff 43 Mechanized Brigade, Havelte
2009 Chief G3 (OPS) 43 Mechanized Brigade, Havelte
2007 Chief G5 (Plans) 43 Mechanized Brigade, Havelte
2006 Higher Defence Course, Delft
2005 Executive Secretary to the Commander of Land Forces, Utrecht
2004 Military Assistant to the Deputy Commander Land Forces, The Hague
1992 Various functions in tank battalions under which Chief S3 (OPS) and Squadron Commander
1988 Royal Military Academy, Breda

Deployments (>3 months)
2009 Chief CJ5 regional Command South, ISAF, Afghanistan
2003 Deputy Task Force Commander, SFOR, Former Yugoslavia
1996 Second in Command A-Squadron, IFOR, Former Yugoslavia


2024 Major General
2021 Brigadier General
2016 Colonel
2009 Lieutenant Colonel
2003 Major


2017 Master of Strategic Studies, US Army War College, United States of America
2007 Master of Science, Open University, Netherlands
2007 Executive Master of Security and Defence, Netherlands
1992 Royal Military Academy

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