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Lieutenant General José Antonio Agüero Martínez

Lieutenant General José Antonio Agüero Martínez was born in December 1963, in the Toledo region. He joined the Army in 1981 and graduated from the Military Academy (Zaragoza) as Infantry Lieutenant in 1986. He was promoted LTG in November 2022. He is currently posted as advisor to the Spanish Chief of the Army.

Along his military career he has served in three main Units;

11 years in the Spanish Airborne Brigade as platoon, company and Battalion Commander.

6 years in the current Castillejo Division HQ, as major in G2, Lieutenant colonel chief of branch and Colonel Chief of Staff.

11 years in the Spanish LCC HQ and NRDC ESP HQ, both of them located in Valencia region. He has served in these Units as major in G7, Colonel Adjutant to DCOS OPS, Brigadier General DCOS PLANS and Major General Chief of Staff from December 2019.

Apart from these posts, Lieutenant General Agüero has also been posted at the Infantry Academy (Toledo) in the Officers training department and in the Army Personnel Directorate (Madrid), as Chief of the Officer Orientation department.

He has been deployed in international military missions in Bosnia and Herzegovina (both in UNPROFOR and IFOR) and Afghanistan (in the ISAF HQ and as a Chief of a Mentoring Team within an Afghan Corps).

Among General Agüero courses, the more relevant are those of Special Operations, Free Fall Parachuting, General Staff and the advanced command and Staff in the UK. He also holds a Master's degree in Defence Studies at King’s College.

He speaks English and French fluently.

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