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Lieutenant General Michael Lollesgaard

Command experience.

Lieutenant General Michael Lollesgaard  was commissioned in 1985 and has held battalion, brigade and division command. He has extensive experience in international operations. Most notably, he was operations staff officer in the US-led Multinational Division North in Bosnia-Herzegovina, later joined the British-led Division in Iraq as Chief J3 Operations and he has been commanding the Peace Support Operations Centre in Sarajevo. In recent years, he commanded the 12,000 strong UN Force in Mali and was later appointed Assistant Secretary General to lead the UN Mission in Hodeidah, Yemen. Currently, general Lollesgaard is Chief of the Danish Army and by May 2021,  he will be posted in Iraq as Commander of NATO Mission Iraq.

Operational Training and Evaluation

Lieutenant General Michael Lollesgaard has a broad experience in operational doctrine development, training and exercise evaluation. He has over the years had extensive influence on development of Danish operational capabilities. Most notably, he was director Army General

Staff Course and has throughout his career been a leading figure in the development of Danish doctrine. At the joint level he has taught component command operational planning at the Danish Defence College and is chief examiner at the Army General Staff Course and the

Component Command Planning Course. General Lollesgaard has gained international training experience as Commandant of the Peace Support Operations Centre in Sarajevo where he has trained Bosnian Brigade staffs. During his tenure as commander of 1 Danish Brigade he was responsible for training and deployment of all Danish Forces to the NATO ISAF mission for more than three years. Finally, the NATO exercise program and CREVAL system is very familiar to General Lollesgaard as he in 2009 acted as the national chief evaluator of the NRF 14 LCC and, just recently in 2020, he was the NATO Chief Evaluator of the certification of a trinational SOCC to the NRF.

Pol-Mil Competencies

His extensive Pol-Mil competencies have been developed through his service in the UN, at the Danish Military Committee in New York, as the Force Commander of the UN Mission in Mali, and lately as Head of the UN Political Mission in Yemen.

Family and Hobbies

Michael Lollesgaard is married to Helle and has no children. He enjoys marching and fitness and still plays a reasonable game of tennis.

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