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Command Senior Enlisted Leader

Command Sergeant Major Carsten Nilsson

Command Sergeant Major Carsten Nilsson's (CN) assignments and duty positions include infantry soldier and basic combat training at the Royal Life Guards. Subsequently, CN served as Pte and LCpl in the Command Support Regiment.

His career as Non-Commissioned Officer began at Signals Battalion followed by Staff Sergeant and Sergeant 1st Class at the Royal Life Guards. CN then continued as a CIMIC NCO in Afghanistan, CBRN Specialist, Master Sergeant operations HQ 1st Brigade, Mentor & Advisor Force Protection Platoon Bosnia in Herzegovina, Intelligence schooling, Sergeant Major Training Development & Design Iraq, Sergeant Major Operations HQ 1st Brigade and Sergeant Major Training Branch Army Staff.

CN has served in numerous operational and combat deployments in Africa and the Middle East. Among others, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Herrick, Operation Inherent Resolve and Operation Ocean Shield. Moreover CN was awarded with the Medal for International Service, NATO Medal non article 5 for operation in Afghanistan, National award Medal for International Service Ocean Shield, National award Medal for International Service between 1948-2009, Army Commendation Medal Iraq and National award Medal for International Service, Iraq.

In addition to several staff positions and frequent operational deployments in theatre during his career CN was the soldier from the Army, Defense Command assigned to stand honor guard at the enrollment of the Danish Prime minister into the position of NATO General Secretary in Strasburg in 2009.

Furthermore CN's broad expertise has advanced with several instructor courses within a wide span from communication and weapons to C-IED. CN has achieved the NATO Advanced Leadership diploma and attended NATO Advanced Instructor course, NATO Comprehensive operations planning course, and the NATO Command Senior enlisted Leader course. CN's career and duty branches include S1, G2, G2X, G3, G5, G7, J7, S8, G9, Battalion, Brigade, Division and Corps level.

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