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Command Senior Enlisted Leader

Command Sergeant Major Fabrizio Marzano

Command Sergeant Major Fabrizio MARZANO was born on 22th May 1976 in Isernia (Italy).

In November 1996, he joined the army as conscript soldier in the 185° Parachute Artillery Regiment "Folgore" where he was appointed corporal in 1997. At the end of the conscript military service, he joined the Army NCO School where after a year of basic course he obtained a bachelor degree in Political and Management Sciences from the University of Viterbo, he attended a course in the Artillery academy where one year later he became an Artillery Section Leader.

With the rank of OR8 (Maresciallo), he was assigned to the 52th Artillery Regiment "Torino" to serve as an Artillery Section Leader until July 2005. From July 2005 to September 2007 (after being promoted to Maresciallo Ordinario), he served in the Sergeant Academy School as a Platoon Leader and Topography teacher. In September he was promoted to the rank of OR9 (Maresciallo Capo) and from September 2007 to September 2010, he was assigned to 8th Artillery Regiment "Pasubio" where he served first as Artillery SAOV/SAOS (Fire Support Team) Section Leader and then as a Staff Assistant in the Training Office. After attending the Italian Army Branch Staff Course, in 2010, he was assigned to the Italian Joint Operations Headquarters – J5 Division as a Staff Assistant in the section of the United Nation Operational Plans until 2019 (after being promoted to 1° Maresciallo) when he was assigned to the Italian Defence General Staff 3th Division- policy and Planning where he served until the deployment in NMI IRAQ.

During his career, he also attended several military courses: Military Parachuting Course, Military physical training, Peace Keeping Operation Instructor Course, Long Range Patrol Course, Escort and Protection VIP Course,, Italian Army Branch Staff Course. Course Recognition of Vehicle and Materials; Strategic Transport Officer. He also attended the NATO Operational Planning Course.

CSM Marzano's missions : Bosnia (SFOR) as a Platoon Leader in 2003; Lebanon (UNIFIL) as a Watch keeper in Tactical Operation Center of Force Protection COY in 2008; Afghanistan (ISAF) as an Executive Officer of IT NSE Commander in 2012; Lebanon (UNIFIL) as a Front Office within the Staff of UNIFIL Head of Mission and Force Commander from 2014 to 2016; Lebanon within NSE-Joint Multimodal Operation Unit in 2018.

He also took part in homeland security operations against terrorism threats in Italy: "Vespri Siciliani", "Domino" and "Strade Sicure".

He has been awarded with several commendations for his tours of duty in Bosnia, Lebanon and Afghanistan; he also earned citations for his meritorious performance while being deployed. He received United Nation UNIFIL medal, Army medals for Peace Support Operations, Army medal for Bosnia operation, NATO non Art.5 operation medals, Army medals for Afghanistan operation, and Army medals for Homeland Security operation, Italian Commemorative Cross for Humanitarian Mission, Long service silver medal.

FM lives in Rome with his wife Giovanna, who is a Fashion Designer. They have one child, Ascanio, 9 months old. In his free time, he loves hunting and driving his Harley Davidson.

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