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Chief of Staff

Brigadier General Carlos Salgado Romero

BG Carlos Salgado Romero was born on July 8th, 1963 in Madrid. He began his military career in 1982, when he joined the General Military Academy (AGM). Five years later, he was commissioned into the Infantry branch as lieutenant.

After the initial 2-year tour of service in the Infantry Regiment "Regulares 52" in Melilla (Spanish North African City) and a subsequent two-year tour in the Legion Regiment, "Alejandro Farnesio" in Ronda–Málaga, Salgado was promoted to Captain in 1991. He was posted to the Infantry Mechanized Regiment "La Reina 2" in Córdoba, where he spent three and a half years commanding a Mechanized Rifle Company. In this position, he was with his Company in Bosnia Herzegovina (BiH) under UNPROFOR mandate for 6 months.

In 1995, he was transferred again to the same Legion Regiment in Ronda, where he commanded a Light Rifle Company for a further three and a half years.

In 1998, he was appointed to the Joint General Staff Course in Madrid. Thereafter, he was posted as G-3 Chief Ops to the 10th Mechanised Infantry Brigade HQ in Córdoba. For 6 months during this period, he was commissioned as Chief Ops of the Spanish Task Force "Tizona" in Kosovo.

In July 2004, he was posted to The NATO Joint Force HQ Naples (ITA) as a Staff Officer in J3 INFO-OPS Branch for a 3-year tour. There, he participated in several recce tours in the Balkans and also taught INFO OPS courses in the NATO School at Oberammergau (GER).

In July 2007, he was promoted to LTC and posted to the Spanish Land Force HQ (LF HQ) in Seville as Chief of the Training Branch, completing several recce tours in Lebanon. Thereafter, from June 2009 to September 2012, he was commissioned as Chief of the 8th Legion Battalion in Almería. During this period, he completed a 7-month tour in Afghanistan as Chief of an Infantry "Kandak" Operational Mentoring Liaison Team (OMLT) with a selected team from his Battalion. In this mission, he was working with British Forces in Helmand region.

In 2012, he was posted again to LF HQ in Seville as Chief of the Logistics Branch, until being promoted to Colonel in July 2014, and was commissioned as Chief of the Preparation and Operations Branch for three and half years. As part of his main duties, he completed additional recce tours in Lebanon. A particular responsibility during this period involved contributing to building up the VJTF-L (Very High Readiness Joint Task Force - Land) concept and working in the specific VJTF-L 16, 17 and 18 Battle Packages. During this period, he completed the Promotion Course for General in Madrid.

Promoted to Brigadier General in 2018, he was assigned to UK as Commander of HQ ARRC Enabling Command in July 2018 at Imjin Barracks (Gloucester). In this post, he has leaded his branch in the roles of Joint Logistic Support Group and Corps Rear Area Command Post. In 2019 was assigned as Deputy Chief of Staff Support at the ARRC HQ.

Currently BG has been assigned as Chief of Staff NMI at the HQ Baghdad .

Key Courses:

1. Tank Units Command.

2. Parachutist Units Command.

3. Joint General Staff Course.

4. NATO Information Operations Course.

5. NATO Electronic Warfare Operations.

6. Humanitarian Right Course.

7. NATO Policy for Senior Officers.

BG Salgado has been honoured with many National and international decorations. Among them, the Plaque of Spanish Military San Hermenegildo Order, one Spanish Military Merit Great Cross, six Spanish Military Merit Crosses, one Non article 5 NATO BiH mission medal, one KFOR mission medal, one NATO ISAF mission medal, one Defence French honour medal, etc.

Family: Brother, son, grandson, great-grandson and great-great-grandson of Spanish Military Officers. Married Ana, a biologist, in 1988. Three children: Ana, a psychologist, (1988), Carlos, an aeronautical engineer, (1990) and Sergio, a Cadet in the Air Force General Academy, (1999). Family house in Seville.

Main hobbies: reading history, horse riding, sailing and skiing

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