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Jul 10 2024

The Locomotiva ONLUS visits JFC Naples

NAPLES, Italy- A delegation of children and educators from the educational project “La collina dei ragazzi", which is part of the Locomotiva ONLUS social cooperative, visited Allied Joint Force Command Naples on July 10th, 2024. After a warm welcome from the event organisers, participants received a briefing about NATO, JFC Naples’ mission, and the importance of the Alliance.

The Locomotiva ONLUS is a non-profit social cooperative focused on educational and training activities that promote Active Citizenship Education, Tutoring for Peace, and non-violence through community development projects. Since its inception in March 2000, it has been primarily active in the Neapolitan area. The organisation originated from experiences in volunteering, the third sector, social commitment, and cooperation with associations such as the "Associazione Guide e Scouts Cattolici Italiani (AGESCI)," Chaotic Action, and various volunteering organisations. 

I thank JFC Naples and the organizers of the event for making a dream come true for our kids

In cooperation with the 5th Municipality of Naples, the Locomotiva ONLUS provides "Territorial Education Laboratory Services" supporting children aged 6 to 16 who face significant socio-economic and cultural challenges and are assisted by Territorial Social Services. Their educational project aims to bridge the gap between local society and high-level institutions, highlighting the social importance of government bodies dedicated to the common well-being, peace, and security of all individuals.

The cooperative’s tutors include educators, sociologists, psychologists, economists, social workers, and volunteers committed to developing a just and supportive community that recognizes and meets the needs of its members.

During the visit, participants were given the opportunity to cool off in the swimming pool of the Morale Welfare Activity (MWA), where the staff provided excellent assistance, ensuring a memorable day.

“I thank JFC Naples and the organizers of the event for making a dream come true for our kids,” said Mr. Danilo Tuccillo, the legal representative of the cooperative "The Locomotiva is a non-profit organization that has for years committed to fighting educational poverty and social emargination.  It does this by taking care of adults, children, teenagers and families who have a hard time in financial, social and cultural terms. All this is made possible by the great commitment of our workers and our volunteers but also of those who, from any walk of life, have decided to contribute to our mission.” 

“This is why we would like to thank JFC Naples for deciding to help us and contribute to giving the people that we follow every day a better life and especially the children who took part in the activities conducted today” he concluded.

The visit of the delegation of the Locomotiva ONLUS is part of JFC Naples' Public Affairs Community Relations activities, aimed at strengthening relationships with the external community in line with the #WEARENATO campaign. This visit further demonstrates JFC Naples' commitment to humanitarian and social aid.

Story by JFC Naples Public Affairs Office

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