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Mar 13 2024


NAPLES, Italy – Students and teachers from “Liceo Classico Pietro Giannone” a high school located in Caserta, visited the Allied Joint Force Command Naples (JFC Naples) facility on Mar 12, 2024. Lieutenant General Vasco Angelotti, the JFC Naples Chief of Staff, addressed the participants with welcoming remarks.

Italy plays an important role in the Alliance, and you are the future of Italy.

“I thank you for your attention and participation.” said General Angelotti “My compliments go to you and your teachers who have greatly prepared you. I have appreciated your polite behavior and the quality of your questions” he continued. “This visit has been very challenging also for us.  I’d like to express my wishes for your future, and I hope we have successfully shared with you, our values. As you can understand, Italy plays an important role in the Alliance, and you are the future of Italy” he concluded.

The students learned about cyber security. 

Staff and students were welcomed at JFC Naples. 

The students participated in a question-and-answer session. 

The school’s students and teachers were given a historical overview of NATO and JFC Naples, the Joint Operations Centre’s activities, the conflict in Ukraine, the role of NATO’s international civilians and the importance of communication and cyber security.

“On behalf of our Principal, I thank the General and all the briefers for the opportunity given,” Prof. Giustino Castellano, acting Principal said.  “It has been our pleasure and honour to have visited your base and have received so much detailed information about your missions and operations” he concluded.

At the end of the presentations, students and teachers participated in a question-and-answer session with the general and the briefers. “This educational experience at the NATO base has been an extraordinary opportunity for learning and outreach on global topics related to defence and security” Giulia Boccagna, (17) student said “It has surely enriched our cultural knowledge and stimulated our civic awareness” she concluded.

“This visit has represented an inspiring and top-level experience that has allowed us to better understand the environments and the dynamics where important decisions are taken, which we often hear about on television” Arcangelo Correra (17) said “A special thank you goes to JFC Naples who has warmly welcomed us” he concluded.

The school visits are part of a community relations campaign designed to establish strong cultural and social links with civic society and to strengthen the relationship with local and regional institutions.

Story by JFC Naples Public Affairs Office

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