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May 30 2024

REGEX 24 Main Planning Conference Held in Moldova

CHISINAU, Moldova – Organized by the Allied Joint Force Command Naples and the Armed Forces of Moldova, the 3 rd Regional Collective Training Event Planning Workshop in support of the Regional Exercise 2024 (REGEX 24) was held from 20 to 24 May 2024 at the Agency for Science and Military Memory in Chisinau.

This REGEX edition is auspiciously occurring while NATO is celebrating the 75 th Anniversary of its foundation and Moldova is celebrating their nation’s 30 th Anniversary in the Partnership for Peace program. 

An Allied Joint Force Command Naples training team from the J9 Military Partnership Branch, mentored 45 participants from 13 Partner Nations: Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, Georgia, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Malta, Moldova, Morocco, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan, as well as representatives from the African Union. As a continuation from the Strategic Communication (StratCom) academics in the previous workshop, a J10 subject matter expert delivered practical training during this third workshop.

Participants brief Brigadier General Eduard OHLADCIUC, Chief of Moldovan National Army General Staff, Commander of the Moldovan National Army about the progress of REGEX 24 during his visit.
Participants from 13 Partner Nations and the African Union at the conclusion 
of the REGEX 24 Main Planning Conference.
The workshop was a high-visibility event for the Moldovan National Army, receiving a visit throughout the week from Brigadier General Eduard OHLADCIUC, Chief of National Army General Staff, Commander of the National Army. 

The REGEX program is a NATO-supported opportunity for Partner Nations to plan and conduct an exercise from beginning to end, while meeting their own unique training requirements. The Republic of Moldova graciously offered to serve as the host nation for REGEX 24, adding to the robust list of previous partner nations including, Bosnia and Herzegovina (REGEX 16), Jordan (REGEX 17), Serbia (REGEX 18), North Macedonia (REGEX 19), Morocco (REGEX 22), and Qatar (REGEX 23).

REGEX 24 will continue for a final two-week workshop in July 2024, which will culminate in Battle Staff Training and a simulated-execution phase.

Participants in REGEX 24 refine the Exercise Plan (EXPLAN) during syndicate work 
before the kick-off of the Main Planning Conference.
StratCom Training.

Story by JFC Naples J9 Military Partnership Branch

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