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May 10 2024

NEPTUNE STRIKE 24.1 Concludes

NAPLES, Italy - On Friday, May 10, 2024, NEPTUNE STRIKE concludes with an impressive balance sheet. Since its inception two weeks ago, NATO has proven its capabilities to defend against any potential adversary- from whatever direction the threat may come.

With NEPTUNE STRIKE (NEST) the Alliance demonstrated across continental Europe, the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Adriatic that all 16 nations involved, mutually supported each other by integrating their maritime strike capabilities to achieve long range NATO firepower. 

Multiple aircraft carrier and amphibious strike groups, sometimes a great distance apart, complemented each other’s capabilities. The combination of enhanced naval power both above and below the surface of the sea, combined with various assets in the skies showed supremacy and created operational dilemmas for any potential aggressor- thus significantly contributing to NATO’s overall deterrence efforts.  

The establishment of a Forward Command Element (FCE) aboard a floating unit to execute self-sufficient mobile command of larger forces, utilised here for the first time, worked out well. Another first was activities carried out by the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, in its first venture under NATO command. The activities carried out by Spanish amphibious forces and the Turkish expeditionary strike group led by their flag ship Anadolu, were extremely successful.

The NEST main objectives have been achieved: The Allied forces involved, comprised in total 5,500 personnel under the NATO flag, carried out their missions across all domains air, sea, land and cyber, and gained the battlefield advantage across multiple Joint Operational Areas (JOAs) ranging from Swedish territorial waters across the continent down to Crete in the Eastern Mediterranean. 

To achieve this, the fighter jets launched from the carriers’ flight decks in the Mediterranean could extend their range to engage targets in Northern and South-Eastern Europe through the support of Allied air tanker capabilities.  

With the execution of Neptune Strike, the Alliance could significantly improve the interoperability between the various member states’ assets to enforce NATO’s common goals: To deter and to defend every inch of its territories.  

Images supplied by JFC Naples Production team from activities across Neptune Strike 24.1.


Story by JFC Naples Public Affairs Office

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