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Mar 18 2024


Naples, Italy – The Mayor of Naples, Prof. Gaetano Manfredi, visited Allied Joint Force Command Naples (JFC Naples) on Monday Mar. 18, 2024, where he was welcomed by Admiral Stuart B. Munsch, JFC Naples Commander.

Prof. Manfredi has been the Mayor of Naples since 2021. Previously he served as Dean of the University of Naples “Federico II” until 2020 when he was nominated as the Minister of University and Research in the second government of Hon. Giuseppe Conte.

Prof. Manfredi has a second mandate as the Mayor of the “Città Metropolitana di Napoli” that is a territorial entity of 1,171 km’s in the Campania Region made up of 92 municipalities. The Città Metropolitana di Napoli, in collaboration with all the municipalities and based on their proposed programs, promotes, coordinates and realizes activities and infrastructures works of provincial relevant interest in the economic, commercial, touristic and social, cultural and sport sectors.

Naples has hosted this command for almost 73 years, which is the longest period a headquarters has been continuously hosted in NATO history

"Following today's cordial meeting, I thank Admiral Stuart B. Munsch for his courtesy and for the precious work carried out at the helm of the NATO command based in Lago Patria,” Prof. Manfredi said. “It is a great pleasure to host the celebrations for the 75th anniversary of the birth of the Atlantic Pact at the San Carlo Opera House. I am pleased with this fruitful dialogue, started from the beginning of my mandate as Mayor of Naples and Metropolitan Mayor, with a permanent perspective on the achievement of Peace: in this sense the role of our City in the Mediterranean is critical," he concluded.

"It is an honor to host Prof. Manfredi here at JFC Naples," said Admiral Stuart B. Munsch, Commander Allied Joint Force Command Naples. "JFC Naples presence in Italy has been reinforced by its integration into Neapolitan culture as part of a cohesive community. We really appreciate the warm hospitality given by the city of Naples to the men and women of NATO who are stationed at JFC Naples.”

This visit is an example of NATO’s efforts to establish positive cultural and social exchanges with the external community to strengthen the relationship with national and international institutions.

“This year we celebrate NATO's 75th anniversary and Italy's steadfast support has been vital for the success of the alliance since its founding in 1949. I note that Naples has hosted this command for almost 73 years, which is the longest period a headquarters has been continuously hosted in NATO history," Admiral Munsch concluded.

JFC Naples and the city of Naples have conducted shared activities and projects for more than 70 years, which have produced a strong and cooperative bond between the two entities. Such partnership has been confirmed by the fact that for decades the Municipality of Naples made available to JFC Naples the use of various institutional and cultural venues where to perform music events. These events demonstrate to the city of Naples, the friendly recognition for the precious hospitality given by the Host Nation, Italy, and Naples.

Story by JFC Naples Public Affairs Office

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