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May 14 2024

JFCNP Gender Advisor Conducted First Ever NATO Gender in Military Operations MTT in Morocco

LAGO PATRIA, Italy – JFC Naples Gender Advisor (GENAD) conducted the first-ever, NATO-wide Mobile Training Team on Gender in Military Operations for the Moroccan Royal Armed Forces at the 3rd Bureau Language School in Sale, Morocco between 22 and 24 April 2024.

Morocco is a key strategic partner for NATO as a core member of the Mediterranean Dialogue, which is a partnership forum that aims to contribute to the security and stability in the wider Mediterranean region and promote good relations and understanding among participating countries and NATO Allies.

JFC Naples GENAD initiated, developed and executed a three-day Mobile Training Team to provide an overview of International and NATO Women, Peace, and Security Frameworks, Implementation of Gender of Military Operations at the Strategic, Operational and Tactical levels, Gender Analysis, Gender and Counter Terrorism and Gender in Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reconciliation. The Moroccan Royal Armed Forces also briefed on their Women, Peace, and Security National Action Plan and Contributions to UN Peacekeeping Missions in order to develop a mutual understanding of their operationalization of the Moroccan Women, Peace, and Security agenda. JFC Naples GENAD supplemented the curriculum with several student syndicate activities to include an exercise in which the groups applied gender analysis into various military tasks.

The training facilitators included the JFC Naples GENAD, Deputy GENAD, J9 Gender Focal Point, as well as NATO Mission Iraq GENAD who supported delivery of lectures and classroom discussion online. The Gender in Military Operations Mobile Training Team resulted in a successful proof of concept with 23 joint graduates from the Moroccan Royal Armed Forces, with participation of 11 men and 12 women from all ranks and reflecting a broad range of staff levels, functional expertise, and deployed UN Peacekeeping experience.

In support of the Secretary General’s Representative for Women’s Peace and Security priorities, JFC Naples expanded partnership engagements as a key element of NATO’s Cooperative Security core task. Through the Gender in Military Operations Mobile Training Team, JFC Naples advanced gender mainstreaming as essential for security and defense, promoted Women, Peace and Security as an interoperability enabler, improved national Women, Peace, and Security commitments and enhanced Women, Peace and Security networks in the security and defense sector.

The successful validation of this pilot Gender in Military Operations Mobile Training Team has yielded a critical training tool that can advance NATO’s Women, Peace and Security Agenda across the NATO enterprise for worldwide delivery to our partners and allies in support of NATO 2030 Priorities.

Story by JFC Naples Public Affairs Office

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