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May 21 2024

JFCNP Hosted the NATO Secretary General’s Special Representative for Women, Peace, and Security

LAGO PATRIA, Italy - JFC Naples hosted the NATO Secretary General’s Special Representative (SGSR) for Women, Peace and Security (WPS), Ms. Irene Fellin, on 17 May 2024. This marked her first visit to the NATO operational level, paving the way for future engagements regarding the WPS agenda and integration of Gender in Military Operations.

During the JFC Naples visit, SGSR WPS and her Human Security Advisor, met with the JFCNP Gender Advisor (GENAD), ACOS J9, COS, DCOM, and the NATO Strategic Direction-South HUB (NSD-S HUB). SGSR WPS highlighted the North Atlantic Council-approved and Foreign Ministerial-endorsed 2024 NATO WPS Policy update, which is expected to be endorsed by Heads of State and Government at the July Washington Summit.

JFC Naples GENAD provided a comprehensive overview of the Gender in Military Operations and cross-functional lines of effort across planning, operations, missions, exercises, training and evaluation. Using the new 2024 NATO Policy Framework, the GENAD highlighted key program efforts at JFC Naples, NATO Mission Iraq and KFOR that showcase the integration of gender through the three NATO core tasks—deterrence and defense, crisis prevention and management, and cooperative security.

Additionally, in support of the 2024 NATO WPS Policy, JFC Naples GENAD underscored JFC Naples gender-responsive leadership through routine COM and DCOM meetings and updates, COM supported Key Leadership Training to Command Group and Principals on Gender in Military Operations, COS supported Gender Focal Point Network, as well as COS initiated Battle Team Sensing Sessions, to include briefings on gender equality and countering unconscious gender bias.

JFC Naples GENAD shared their deliberate approach to building engagement awareness across the Command and training efforts with Gender Focal Point network on the importance of gender considerations in Regional Areas such as Middle East North Africa (MENA) and Balkans as well as in Functional Areas to include Counter Terrorism, CBRNE, Disinformation, Resilience, Climate Change and Protection of Civilians. Gender Focal Points also had the opportunity to brief SGSR WPS and highlight their gender-related activities within their functional areas.

The series of meetings between SGSR WPS and JFC Naples Leadership enabled SGSR WPS to share the new NATO WPS Policy, her priorities and way forward. JFC Naples GENAD looks forward to providing military advice and integrating best practices and lessons learned into the development of the new NATO WPS Action Plan as well as supporting the development of new military implementation guidance. ACOS J9 also featured Military Contribution to Human Security program and implementation of cross-cutting topics and SGSR WPS and Human Security Advisor discussed the next steps on NATO’s approach to Human Security. During the NSD-S HUB meeting and tour, SGSR WPS had an opportunity to better understand NSD-S HUB’s strands of work and capacities and discuss ways to increase coordination. Both JFC Naples and NATO HQ representatives welcome further collaboration and cooperation between the staffs in months to come.

Story by JFC Naples Public Affairs Office

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