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Apr 19 2023


NAPLES, Italy – Students and teachers from Middle School “Michelangelo Augusto” located in Naples, visited the Allied Joint Force Command Naples (JFC Naples) facility on April 19, 2023.

Colonel Massimiliano Sforza, Joint Operations Center (JOC) Head, addressed the participants with welcoming remarks on behalf of Lieutenant General Vasco Angelotti, JFC Naples Chief of Staff.

I am very satisfied of today’s visit and I thank all the participants for their patience and attention,

Col Sforza said. “I understand well the difficulties that the students had to face to understand our presentations, but it is very important for us to share with visitors our activities, our missions and our goals, in a very transparent and open manner,” he concluded.

“I’d like to express my most sincere thanks for having given us such great opportunity,” Chiara Esposito, Principal of the School, said. “We feel very honored for this visit here at JFC Naples and we appreciated the clarity and the determination of all the presenters to explain such difficult concepts.”

”We have grasped how important is to learn the English language and in this prospect we are proud that we are one of the schools in Naples to have implemented the use of the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) program for the English language” she concluded.

The school’s students and teachers were given a historical overview of NATO and JFC Naples, current operations, the conflict in Ukraine, the role of the NATO international civilians, and the importance of communication and cyber security.


Students and teachers from Middle School “Michelangelo Augusto” located in Naples receive a brief during their visit at Allied Joint Force Command Naples (JFC Naples) facility on April 19, 2023.

At the end of the presentations, students and teachers participated in a questions and answers session with the briefers.

”I will certainly remember this day as a special day for me,” said Gaia Imperatore, 8th grade student. “From this visit I take away a lot of new information and important notions that where completely unknown to me before this great opportunity,” she continued.

“Additionally, I have been really surprised and excited by the beautiful and magnificent structure of this base” she concluded.

“I have always been very fascinating by the NATO world,” said Salvatore Cirillo, 8th grade student. “I remember a lot of the stories told by some of my relatives who worked in the old base in Bagnoli. They described the great experience in those past years, their sweet memories and the remarkable time they had working for NATO,” he concluded.

The students also had a chance to visit the Community Center and its facilities.

The school visits are part of a community relations campaign designed to establish strong cultural and social links with civic society and to strengthen the relationship with local and regional institutions.

Story by Diana Sodano JFC Naples Public Affairs Office

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