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Jun 6 2023


Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina “Manjača” Training Camp – Manjača, BIH – The Armed Forces BIH (AFBIH) carried out a full-scale exercise involving the Light Infantry Battalion Group.

“Trenutni odgovor 23” ("Immediate Response 23") exercise was held at the Main Training Camp in Manjača from May 29 to June 2, 2023. As part of the exercise, qualified BIH evaluators also carried out their first national evaluation in accordance with the procedures and standards of the NATO Operational Capability Concept Evaluation and Feedback (OCC E&F) programme.

Of note is that the evaluation was also used to complete the qualification of evaluators “under-training” who have successfully completed the academic part of a national evaluation training course.


Main Training Camp, Manjača - A moment of the “Trenutni odgovor 23” ("Immediate Response 23") exercise.



Main Training Camp, Manjača - Unit personnel “searching” a person taken into custody while evaluators assess the procedure.


Main Training Camp, Manjača - A member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Light Infantry Battalion Group (INF-L-BNG) during a moment of the “Trenutni odgovor 23” ("Immediate Response 23") exercise.

JFC Naples was kindly requested by BIH to provide an OCC SME to monitor that the execution of the National exercise and self-evaluation are in accordance with the ACO Forces Standards. In addition, as the AFBIH carried out a National Evaluation Training Course, to be validated according to NATO requirements and trainees to be certified as NATO evaluators.

The third day of the exercise (Wednesday, 31 May) was dedicated to the visit of High Officials from BIH as well as from NATO and EUFOR. During the DV Day, members of the INF-L-BNG presented key elements of the exercise. The DV Day was attended by the Minister of Defense of BiH, Zukan Helez, the Chief of the Joint Staff, Lieutenant General Senad Mašović, the Commander of the Operational Command, Major General Radovan Ilić, DCOM NHQ Sarajevo, and JFCNP ACOS J9, Brigadier General Dieter Kohl.


“A certificate of appreciation of SHAPE’s Partnership Directorate was provided to the CHOD of the Armed Forces of BIH for extraordinary commitment and dedication to NATO’s Operational Capabilities Concept Evaluation and Feedback Programme.”

As BIH has started its OCC commitment and dedication already in 2010 at the very same training area and as it has now a NATO certified Light Infantry Bng to be kept at the same level of operational readiness, this BIH self-evaluation was an excellent example of NATO contributing to sustainable Partner Capacity Building with transformational effect.

Story by JFC Naples J9 Military Partnership Branch, Country Desk Officer Luigi Cipri

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