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Dec 5 2023

Blood Donations In JFC Naples

A Greek and an Italian service member donate blood at JFC Naples Headquarters on December 5, 2023.

LAGO PATRIA, Italy- Allied Joint Force Command Naples (JFC Naples) hosted a volunteer blood donation campaign on December 5, 2023, led by the Greek Community with extensive support from the entire JFC Naples International Community and the Italian Volunteer Association of the Blood (AVIS - Associazione Volontari Italiani del Sangue).

AVIS is renowned as Italy's principal non-profit and charitable organization dedicated to blood donation.

The campaign's aim was to raise awareness about the necessity for regular blood donations and to ensure the availability, quality, and safety of blood and blood products for patients in need.

A blood donation is truly an altruistic gift that an individual can give to others in need

Emphasizing the importance of this initiative, Commodore Apostolos Trivlidis, the Greek Senior National Representative, stated, “A blood donation is truly an altruistic gift that an individual can give to others in need. In only 15-30 minutes, an eligible individual can donate one unit of blood that can be separated into four individual components that could help save multiple lives.”

JFC Naples, a pivotal NATO command in Southern Europe, is actively engaged in numerous cultural, social, and humanitarian efforts, 

A U.S. service member with Allied Joint Forces Command Naples donates blood at JFC Naples Headquarters December 5, 2023. 

underscoring its commitment to strengthening community ties and promoting reciprocal understanding.

L’Avis Comprensoriale Napoli 1, in the name of the President Cav. Raffaele Di Martino, of the Counseler Avis Nazionale Dott. Antonio F.G. Esposito, thank JFC Naples for chosing our assossation for the blood donation on the 5th December 2023.

Our gratitude goes also to Commodore Apostolos Trivlidis, to Colonel Konstantinos Tsiros and the Lieutenant Colonel Pierpaolo Della Valle for the illustrious work of networking for the well doing of the blood collection. We thank especially the donators who will make this day full of solidarity.
20231205 - Blood Donation at JFCNP

Story by JFC Naples Public Affairs Office
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