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Oct 28 2022


24 – 27 October 2022  - NOVO SELO TRAINING RANGE, Bulgaria – Multinational Battle Group Bulgaria conducted a joint exercise called “Alliance Wall” 

This four-day activity involved almost all the units belonging to the Battle Group. Each of these units moved throughout the Novo Selo Firing Range in close coordination with each other to reach the main goal: interoperability of the new Battle Group.

More than 50 different vehicles were employed during the training activity: Italian AIFV (Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle) “Freccia”, IFV “Freccia” Mortar Carrier, AIFV “Freccia” Spike, Hellenic ITV (Improved Tow Vehicle) M901, United States Bradley Fighting Vehicles and Bulgarian Army MT-LB Multipurpose Tracked armored vehicles. In addition to that, a ground-based air defence system and tactical air controllers were deployed.

NOVO SELO TRAINING RANGE, Bulgaria – Multinational Battle Group Bulgaria conducted a joint exercise called “Alliance Wall” from 24 until 27 October 2022. 

It is a new great opportunity to work together and support each other. I’m proud to be the first Commander of this Battle Group - stated Col. Alaimo, Multinational Battle Group Cdr- and it is notable opportunity to share experiences and procedures, thus becoming a significant deterrence in case of threat or attack. It is the best opportunity to demonstrate that we are NATO

The aim of this multinational event was designed to train the battle group to react in case of threat or any potential attacks and move on the ground in strict coordination between the units from different nations, and with different equipment and tactical technical procedures.

The exercise was conducted in compliance with international laws and standards.

Story by Bulgarian Multinational Battle Group Public Affairs

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