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Dec 2 2022


Multinational Battlegroup Bulgaria successfully completed the four-day joint exercise “Free Town” at the Novo Selo Training area in Bulgaria December 2, 2022.

The multinational units within the Bulgaria battlegroup operated in close coordination to clear a build- up area occupied by simulated enemy forces.
The exercise was divided into five phases: initial reconnaissance, isolation, clearing, consolidation and retention.
During initial reconnaissance, the battlegroup moved towards the buildup areas along its access routes, before isolating the objective to prevent enemy reinforcements from reaching the objective.

Soldiers from the Multinational Battle Group Bulgaria train their skills during the exercise "Free Town" at the Novo Selo Training area in Bulgaria December 2, 2022.
Upon isolation, NATO soldiers moved in and cleared it of all threats. Once secure, the Battle Group consolidated the objective to establish a defensive position.
The intent of the exercise was to increase interoperability of the battlegroup elements. The Bulgarian Battlegroup was formed in March in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and is a now a permanent fixture for the defence of the Southeastern border of the NATO Alliance.

These joint training exercises are designed to improve cohesion, communication and overall interoperability amongst the five nations that make up the Bulgarian Battlegroup.

The five nations contributing to the Bulgarian Battlegroup are: Italy (framework nation), Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, and the United States.

Story by JFC Naples Public Affairs Office

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