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Jun 23 2021

Admiral Burke visits Vittorio Veneto Division Command in Florence


FLORENCE, Italy - Admiral Robert Burke, Allied Joint Force Command Naples commander, visited the Vittorio Veneto Division Command in Florence, Italy on 22 June 2021.

During the visit, Italian military leaders including Corps General Roberto Perretti, Comfop-Nord commander, and Army Corps General Carlo Lamanna, deputy commander of the Land Operational Forces and Army Operational Command, accompanied Admiral Burke.

The three leaders attended a briefing aimed on the Vittorio Veneto Division, including its mission, key tasks and development lines relating to training and operations, infrastructure and territory, personnel and recalibration in the multinational NATO Command.

During the briefing, the Commander of the Vittorio Veneto, Division General Angelo Michele Ristuccia explained the development process of the Multi-national Division South (MND-S).

Two fundamental milestones will mark MND-S's development. First, the achievement of Initial Operational Capability. Next, the declaration of Full Operational Capability, to be achieved by 2024, which will validate that MND-S is fully capable of operating in the context of the activities, operations or missions of NATO.

Currently, the Vittorio Veneto Division provides a modern, full operational capability for the Italian Army, with the task of supervising the training and preparation activities of 4 brigades and dependent units in order to ensure the unit meets the assigned level of readiness, respects the planned operational and training commitments and carries out other unplanned tasks that could be assigned.

With the three-year plan to FOC for MND-S, all the activities of the command and of its subordinate units are conducted in a synergistic and efficient manner. This is in an effort to acquire, develop and consolidate operational combat readiness, homeland security collaboration with national authorities, preserve resilience and readiness, and ensure that FOC occurs by 2024 for MND-S.

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