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Naples Public Affairs Team Trains Jordanian Armed Forces

Public Affairs Mobile training team conducted by JFC Naples team in Amman to share best practice with Jordan armed forces. March 2019.

AMMAN, Jordan - A Public Affairs Mobile Training Team (MTT) from Allied Joint Force Command Naples trained Jordanian Armed Forces in Amman, Jordan, March 17 to 21.

The training, which took place at the Jordan Martyrs Memorial in the city of Amman, focused on public affairs topics such as news releases, crisis management, interviews, media training, and working groups.

The two specialists from the JFC Naples MTT instructed an audience of 18 Jordan military officers and noncommissioned officers working in public affairs.

Major Khaled Abu Salim, participant in the course and responsible for Protocol and Public relations at the Royal Jordanian Air force Headquarters, highlighted that one of the Jordan Armed Force’s strategic goals is strengthening the cooperation with NATO.

"Communication in this context is vital”, said Abu Salim. "Therefore, it is important for the public affairs officers and the staff responsible for media communication from the Jordan Armed Forces to inform the public about these activities."

A pair of translators augmented the training and helped bridge slight communication gaps and misunderstandings.

"We appreciate the support of NATO trainers who shared the best practices of communication at the NATO level, especially communication experience in crisis communication”, concluded Captain Ahmad al Shorman, public affairs officer in charge of the course.

"Their presentations were accessible for the attendees and we hope we’ll have these trainers in Jordan again for some other crisis in communication workshops and media trainings designated for the spokesperson. We understood that practice is the best training.”

The NATO Military Partnership Community held its biggest annual event for planning relations with partners, in Amman the following week, where they put partnership activities for next year on the table.

Story by JFC Naples Public Affairs Office

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