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Beautiful minds inspire NATO commander

Students from Kosovo's AAB College listen to Admiral James Foggo,  commander Allied Joint Force Command Naples,  speak about how their ideas will change Kosovo's future. (Photo by JFC Naples Public Affairs Office)
PRISTINA, Kosovo - Beautiful minds are the future of Kosovo. So says Admiral James Foggo who connected with students at Kosovo’s AAB College yesterday to share ideas.

Foggo’s engagement was part of a greater periodic visit to oversee NATO’s Kosovo Force, charged with maintaining a safe and secure environment within which the country may grow.

"I’m inspired to engage these smart and motivated students,” Foggo said. "Their ideas will build a better future, so it’s a privilege for me to speak with them now.”

Foggo talked about the 2015 Broadway rap musical "Hamilton,” detailing the life and ideas of American founding father Alexander Hamilton. Kosovo, which declared itself a nation in 2008, faces many of the same challenges the fledgling United States did in the decade after 1776.

He highlighted Alberto Savoia, an innovator who teaches companies how to "fail” quickly through the concept of pretotypes, which he developed for companies to more effectively optimize product development.

Foggo also espoused the efforts of local Kosovar entrepreneurs Megrim Cahani and Armend Malazogu who lead successful small businesses which contribute to Kosovo’s development.
Story by JFC Naples Public Affairs Office

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