Foggo thanks KFOR troops during holiday season

Admiral Jamie Foggo, Allied Joint Force Command Naples commander, shoots a holiday shout out video with soldiers from Fort Bliss, Texas during his visit to Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo. The trip was to thank all the troops serving in the Kosovo Force mission during the holiday season. Photo by U.S. Air Force 1st Lieutenant Kylee Ashton.
Dec 23, 2017
Story by U.S. Air Force 1st Lieutenant Kylee Ashton

NAPLES, Italy – To reiterate the importance of the Kosovo Force mission especially during the holiday season, the Allied Joint Force Command Naples Commander visited KFOR troops at Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo on Dec. 22.

Admiral Jamie Foggo, JFC Naples commander, met with American, Turkish, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian and Italian troops who are currently serving in KFOR. It was an opportunity for the admiral to personally thank all the troops for their efforts and doing so during the holiday season. 

"You are here, supporting freedom 24/7, and 360 degrees around the compass,” said Foggo. "Just like George Washington did on a very cold Christmas night at the beginning of our country, when he left Valley Forge to cross the Delaware, you’re on an equally important mission for the safety and security of Kosovo.”

On his first trip to Camp Bondsteel, named after U.S. Army Staff Sergeant James Bondsteel, a Medal of Honor recipient, Foggo was treated to a lunch with various soldiers from the Multinational Battle Group-East to discuss their various perspectives of the Kosovo Force mission. 

"I wanted to come down here during the holiday season to thank you for being here in this place, in many cases, the average distance from your home is over 5,500 miles,” said Foggo. "You’re here and you’re far away from home and I want to thank you for doing that. It’s a really important mission.”


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