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KFOR supports natural disaster relief

Skopje, the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia* - KFOR specialists arrived at Camp "Petrovac" in the capital of Skopje, Aug. 10, 2016 in order to assist the FYROM* authorities to offer aid and relief of the damages caused by the recent dramatic flooding.
The personnel and engineer equipment have been sent there from KFOR’s Swiss and Austrian contingents to assist the FYROM* authorities. Several villages in the vicinity of Skopje sustained severe damage following torrential rains and a flood surge on Aug. 6.
The KFOR team departed its base in Pristina/Kosovo on Aug. 10 by convoy and arrived only several hours later at Camp "Petrovac”, in Skopje. The deployment is expected to last around 10 days. The vehicles include numerous heavy lift and engineer assets, like loaders, excavators and dumper trucks.
The authorities in Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia* declared a crisis situation in Skopje and Tetovo for the 15 days following the August heavy rain flooding. Following the request for assistance from the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia* authorities, KFOR has tasked a number of assets to assist in the major clean-up operation following the flooding, which was in turn approved by Allied Joint Force Command Naples, as the higher command authority.  As noted, severe damage was caused in a number of suburbs of the capital city after serious damage from a flood surge following torrential rains.
The KFOR disaster relief support mission is fully compliant and complimentary with KFOR's stated mission in the Balkan region.
KFOR has led a peace-support operation in Kosovo since 1999. Currently counting approximately 4,600 troops, the operation helps maintain a safe and secure environment in Kosovo, as mandated by the UN Security Council.
Story and photos by Kosovo Forces Public Affairs
*Turkey recognizes the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name.

Specialists from KFOR help the people in the area around the capital of Skopje.

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