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JFC Naples supports military cooperation initiatives in Jordan


AMMAN, Jordan – Members of Allied Joint Force Command Naples supported military cooperation initiatives with the Royal Jordanian Armed Forces, April 26 – 27, 2016.

Jordan, a member of the Mediterranean Dialogue partnership framework maintains two battalions in the NATO Pool of Forces through the Operational Capabilities Concept Feedback and Evaluation programme (OCC E&F).

British Army Major General Ian Cave, JFC Naples Deputy Chief of Staff Plans attended a distinguished visitor’s day as part of a NATO Evaluation of a Jordanian Mechanized Infantry Battalion.

A pool of evaluators led by Allied Land Command, included one officer from the JFC Naples Joint Assessment Division. The pool observed the battalion under a NATO "Level 2” evaluation. On the final day, Jordanian troops were required to dismount and fight their way across 600 meters of rugged desert terrain.

Additionally, a delegation led by French Army Colonel Vincent Alexandre, JFC Naples J9 Military Partnership Branch, held an Expert Staff Meeting with members of the Royal Jordanian Armed Forces to discuss key partnership issues and work on the details of Jordan’s 2017 military cooperation programme.

The OCC E&F program ensures the forces offered are regularly trained and evaluated to maintain interoperability with NATO.

Story and photos by Allied Joint Force Command Naples J9 Military Partnership Branch

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