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JFC Naples trains key Jordanian experts in crisis response planning

AMMAN, Jordan - A Mobile Training Team (MTT) from Allied Joint Force Command Naples conducted crisis response planning training in Amman, Jordan, May 2-6, 2016.

The training was put on by JFC Naples plans and policy branch, and organizers said it continued the close relationship between JFC Naples and the Jordanian Armed Forces.
The event was hosted by Jordanian Army Col. Faisal Wrakat, commandant of the Simulation Training Centre, which is located north of Amman. At the training centre, three members of JFC Naples introduced 24 officers from the Jordanian Armed Forces to the comprehensive operational planning process.

The training familiarized the Jordanian officers to roles of a Joint Operations Planning Group, either as an operational level or functional-area planner, while serving within a joint operational level headquarters. Further, the officers were presented with applications of the Comprehensive Operation Planning Directive (COPD) principles.

"It is vital that the Jordanian Armed Forces develop our understanding of NATO procedures and to continue developing our knowledge and understanding of each other in order to enable future interoperability,” said Brigadier Jaradat, Assistant Chief of Staff, Joint Force Development for the Jordanian Armed Forces.

According to JFC Naples officials, as a demonstration of the value of integration and interoperability with NATO partner nations, JFC Naples has increased the amount of mobile training team (MTT) engagements over the last two years with more than 30 MTT events scheduled for 2016.

Story and photos by Allied Joint Force Command Naples J5 Plans and Policy Branch.

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