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MLO participates in media workshop

MLO representatives took part in a two-day media workshop for 20 Serbian defense journalists that was organized by the Serbian Ministry of Defense in Zrenjanin from November 28-29.
Deputy Chief of the MLO, Col. Athanasios Pagkalos, delivered a presentation on the most important aspects of NATO-Serbia cooperation within the Partnership for Peace program, with a focus on supporting Serbia’s defense reform through capacity building and training.

"NATO fully supports Serbia’s increased engagement in international peacekeeping missions and it stands ready to continue assisting the Serbian defense authorities in having more units certified according to its standards,” said Col. Pagkalos.
In addition, he explained that the adoption of Serbia’s first Individual Partnership Action Plan (IPAP) with NATO is in its last phase, expressing hope that all the remaining procedures would be completed by the end of the year.

Representatives of the Serbian Armed Forces (SAF), Col. Goran Desancic from the Department for Planning and Development, Col. Milorad Vidakovic, and Col. Milan Radovanovic from the Department for Operations noted that Serbia’s participation in NATO’s Operational Capabilities Concept proved especially useful for the SAF’s increasing engagement in peacekeeping missions with more than 230 soldiers currently deployed in 10 peacekeeping missions.

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