What is the Operational Capabilities Concept?

The Operational Capabilities Concept (OCC) is a Partnership for Peace program mechanism through which training and assessment of declared units according to the NATO standards is performed. This mechanism, apart from building military capabilities, significantly contributes to the establishment of peacetime forms of co-operation, increases mutual trust and is an important framework for conducting joint exercises and training with NATO members.

Why to participate in OCC?

The OCC is designed to establish new means and mechanisms to reinforce Partner Nation's operational capabilities through enhanced and closer military cooperation with NATO. The OCC would seek to improve the interoperability of Partner forces and thereby the ability of Allied and Partner forces to operate together in possible future Peace Support Operations.


Serbia and the Operational Capabilities Concept

From the beginning of the Partnership for Peace membership, Serbia is among the most active partners in OCC and is committed in implementing NATO standards on the tactical level (Platoon, Company) which have a direct positive effect in capacity building, training and ability to operate in international environment. OCC enables Serbia to train its military personnel and units to participate in joint and combined land operations under UN and\or EU flag and according to common NATO doctrine and procedures.

The Serbian Ministry of Defence describes the OCC as one of the

most measurable, visible and successful mechanisms of cooperation

The Serbian military units which are deployed in UN and EU missions are evaluated in accordance with NATO evaluation programmes. For the partner nations Operational Capabilities Concept Evaluation and Feedback (OCC E&F) is used. OCC E&F has two levels. Level-1 focuses on interoperability and during this stage the partner’s training, organisation, structures and equipment is evaluated. Level-2 focuses on unit’s military capability and ability for mission accomplishment. The process is divided into four (4) stages; two levels of self-evaluation (level-1 self-evaluation/SEL 1 and level-2 self-evaluation/SEL2) and to levels of NATO evaluation (NATO level-1 evaluation/NEL 1 and NATO level-2 evaluation/NEL2).

Serbia began intensively participating in the OCC process in 2011. Levels of OCC that were carried out by Serbia so far can be seen from the table below.

In general almost all Serbian military units which are deployed on different Peace Support Operations under UN and EU umbrella are evaluated in accordance with the NATO OCC E&F concept.

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