The NATO Operational Capabilities Concept (OCC) is designed to establish new means and mechanisms to reinforce the PfP nations’ operational capabilities through enhanced and closer military cooperation. The OCC would seek to improve the interoperability of Partner forces and thereby the ability of Allied and Partner forces to operate together in future operations.
OCC is an evaluation and feedback programme to train partner countries’ declared units or even entire armed forces in techniques, tactics and procedures needed to meet the NATO standards and reach an interoperability level that allows NATO and Partner forces to work together while deployed in missions and operations around the world.
OCC is a tool for driving transformation. The key issue is not the evaluation itself, but what is done between the evaluations. OCC promotes the use of a remedial action plan. The plan uses the conclusion from the evaluation report and addresses the key shortfalls. It describes actions to take, allocates responsibility and establishes timelines in order to improve performance.

Through the OCC process, Serbia declared and trained:

  • Infantry light company
  • Military police platoon
  • Chemical, biological, radiological & nuclear defence platoon
  • Two medical military teams.

These units are mission ready.

In 2016 the OCC evaluation process commenced also for the Engineer General Support Company. This unit will be mission ready in 2019.

Participation in OCC has significantly helped increase the number of partner forces participating in NATO-led but also in UN operations, since the UN recognizes NATO tools as the best for reaching interoperability among international forces.
The knowledge received by participating in the OCC process has helped the Serbian Armed Forces train and prepare units for extremely successful participation in many UN missions.
This has certainly helped Serbia to be recognized as the 7th highest force contributor in Europe to different UN and EU peacekeeping operations.

11.2% of Serbian soldiers deployed in peacekeeping operations are female, in accordance with UN resolution 1325.

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