Synergy into interoperability REGEX 18

The five-day multinational command and staff exercise supported by computer simulations called REGEX 18 commenced today at the Banjica 2 barracks. Since the establishment of the REGEX Initiative, this is the fifth in a series of exercise activities organized by the Serbian Armed Forces in cooperation with NATO since 2014.
Oct 15, 2018
A five-day multinational command-staff exercise "REGEX 18", supported by computer simulations, started today in the Simulations Training Center in "Banjica 2" barracks, Belgrade, and it represents joint and combined training of military, civilian and police structures for participation in multinational peacekeeping operations under the mandate of the United Nations. NATO supported the activity with a advising and assist role with the involvement of the NATO HQ Join Force Command Naples and providing funds for the partner Nations participation. Training objectives, which are carried out in accordance with NATO standards and procedures, were focused on improving the capabilities of the staff officers on the Brigade level to command and control forces in operations in a multinational environment, and to enhance interoperability as well. After a year-long and comprehensive preparation, Serbian Armed Forces (SAF) started the execution stage of command-staff exercises supported by computer simulations. Since the establishment of the REGEX Initiative, this is the fifth in a series of exercises conducted by NATO since 2014. The SAF prepared and are conducting a brigade-level command-staff exercise, which was preceded by seven training and planning workshops with foreign partners. REGEX is a multinational and multi-functional exercise whose concept supports the preparation and implementation of multinational peace support operations in an unstable environment, based on a comprehensive approach and focused on cooperation with all relevant actors in the area of operation zone. Apart from members of the SAF, members of the Special Anti-terrorist Unit of the Ministry of Interior, representatives of international organizations, UN Office in Belgrade, UNICEF, UNHCR, OSCE, International Committee of the Red Cross, Commissariat for Refugees, Red Cross of Serbia and around 60 members of the armed forces from 15 countries also took part in "REGEX 18”.

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