EADRCC SRBIJA 2018 - Memorandum of Understanding

Aug 7, 2018
On the occasion of the Final Planning Conference of EADRCC Exercise "Srbija 2018” the Assistant Minister and Head of Emergency Situations Department of the Ministry of Interior Predrag Maric and Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre representative Claudiu Zoicas signed a Memorandum of Understanding on carrying out a joint civil emergency exercise.

"I would like to emphasize that the upcoming international civilian management of the consequences of the emergency situations "Srbija 2018” is a field civil exercise that provides a chance for the civilian structures of state organs that primarily deal with protection and rescue, both in working together with teams from different countries, to exercise their capacities , all for the purpose of a unique response in emergency situations", said Assistant Minister Maric.     
According to him, the October exercise that will be held in the joint organization of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Emergency Situations and the Euro-Atlantic Coordinating Center for Emergency Situations aims to improve the safety and protection of citizens, property and cultural heritage.

"Experiences from the 2014 floods showed the importance of international cooperation when 14 countries with 22 teams and around 600 rescuers selflessly helped citizens of Serbia. We are aware that the exchange of best practices and lessons learned from emergency situations, together with networking with experts in the field of protection and rescue is necessary in an effective response, including effective emergency management", Maric stressed. 

Head of the Euro Atlantic and Global Partnership of the Political Affairs and Security Policy Department at NATO Headquarters, James Mackey, said that nations from around the world are gathering together in this way to respond to emergencies. 

"This is not a military exercise, but an emergency management exercise that will enable civilian military forces from NATO and partner countries, which are part of the first emergency response, to work together, all for the sake of saving lives", he said.

The international field exercise for the management of the consequences of the emergency situations "Srbija 2018” will be held 8-11. October 2018, in Mladenovac and Arandjelovac, where around 1200 participants from 29 countries are expected, namely rescue and medical teams.


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