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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg statement folowing the meeting of the North Atlantic Council at the level of Foreign Ministers, 20 Nov 2019

NATO remains indispensable for our security. And that despite our differences, we are stronger as we face the future together.
Today, ministers took important decisions for NATO’s continuing adaptation. We have agreed that space should be a new operational domain for NATO – alongside air, land, sea and cyber. Space is part of our daily life here on Earth. It can be used for peaceful purposes. But it can also be used aggressively. Satellites can be jammed, hacked or weaponized. Anti-satellite weapons could cripple communications and other services our societies rely on, such as air travel, weather forecast or banking.

And our approach will remain fully in line with international law.

Today we also addressed our progress in the three areas of burden sharing: cash, capabilities and contributions.

This is the fifth consecutive year of rising defence spending across European Allies and Canada. With over $100 billion added to their defence budgets by the end of next year. The trend is up. It is unprecedented. And we are determined to do more.

NATO is the only platform where Europe and North America engage every day on such strategic issues, which matter to our shared security. As we look to the leaders’ meeting next month, Europe and North America are doing more together than for many years.

We are stepping up across the board, and focused on the future.


I am very proud of the fact that the Serbian Army and the President of Serbia have given us the opportunity to continue to support peace together

"The Western Balkans is certainly a very important region for Europe. I am here because it provides us with the opportunity to peacefully talk and to create peace. The Western Balkans is crucial in terms of the overall security of the European continent and I am very pleased to have the opportunity to be here. Also, this is a fantastic opportunity to talk about ways in which we can support peace, exercises and training, about future opportunities for countries to cooperate in military terms, to increase commitment to peace” - said General Tod D. Wolters, Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR).

SACEUR General Tod D. Wolters and Serbian Armed Forces Chief of Staff General Milan Mojsilović in Belgrade (17 July 2019).

SACEUR General Tod D. Wolters and Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić in Belgrade (17 July 2019)

During my time in Belgrade, working side by side with Serbian colleagues, learning every day something new about country’s rich culture and tradition, I had a pleasure to experience Serbian hospitality and see the beauty of the country itself.
Brigadier General Marinelli, Chief NATO MLO Belgrade during his speech at the reception

"It is a great honor for me to represent NATO in Serbia and host the reception marking 12 years since the inauguration of the Military Liaison Office. Living among Serbs, I have grown to understand them, acknowledging their sensitivities and emotional relation of ordinary citizens toward NATO. That is why I must underline that, regardless of the past, after these 12 years since the inauguration of the Office, I am pleased to say that the relations between Serbia and NATO are better than they seem to the average person, with Serbia becoming an ever more important partner to NATO, since we both choose to be partners"  said Brigadier General Cesare Marinelli, Chief NATO MLO Belgrade during his speech marking 12 years since the inauguration of NATO MLO Belgrade.

Brigadier General Marinelli, Chief NATO MLO Belgrade welcoming Ivica Dačić, Serbian First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs to the reception

Working together for a safer tomorrow

"We consider Serbia and its Armed Forces a reliable and trustworthy partner. Trainings such as this one provide an opportunity to share opinions, experiences and knowledge, which in return increases our readiness to address today’s ever-evolving challenges. We listen and learn from each other" – said Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Franz, coordinator of the courses provided to Serbian officers.

JFC Naples Deputy Commander visits Serbia

"NATO fully respects Serbia’s military neutrality and this does not prevent us from cooperating through partnership programmes and activities, of which there are hundreds. We also maintain close relations with with Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, which, just like Serbia, are not NATO members. We are focused on strengthening the partnership we have with Serbia" said Lieutenant General Christian Juneau, Deputy Commander of JFC Naples.

NATO International Military Staff Director General in Belgrade

Lieutenant General Jan Broeks, Director General of the NATO International Military Staff visited Belgrade, where he met with representatives of the Serbian Government, Minister of Defence, Aleksandar Vulin, Chief of Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, Lt. Gen. Milan Mojsilović and, on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Assistant Minister, Ambassador Branimir Filipović. 

JFC Naples Chief of Staff in Serbia

The Chief of Staff of the Allied Joint Force Command Naples, Lieutenant General Luciano Portolano visited Serbia. During his visit he met with Serbian Government and Armed Forces representatives. In addition, as a guest of honor, JFC Naples Chief of Staff attended the reception marking the 12th anniversary of the inauguration of the NATO Military Liaison Office in Belgrade.

KFOR Commander in Belgrade

KFOR Commander, Major General Lorenzo D'Addario visited Belgrade and met with the Serbian Government and Armed Forces representatives, so as to discuss the security situation in the region and the role of KFOR in providing safe and secure environment for all people living in Kosovo.

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