Chief of MLO addresses security conference in Novi Sad

Jun 6, 2017
A conference on contemporary security challenges, which was organized at the Assembly of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, gathered Serbian government officials, ambassadors and international representatives, academics, and students.
During his presentation on NATO's relations with Serbia, Chief of MLO, Brigadier General Cesare Marinelli, emphasized the different areas of political and military cooperation between the Alliance and Belgrade that are of mutual benefit. "Peace and security are our common goals and we remain dedicated to continue deepening our relations with Serbia with full respect for your policy of military neutrality," said Marinelli.
The Chief of MLO added that NATO supports a number of projects to boost Serbia’s security. "Last year, we launched a new Trust Fund to help Serbia dispose of almost 2,000 tonnes of surplus ammunition in TRZ Kragujevac. It will help make Serbian citizens safer and expand the facility to continue its valuable work in future."
The conference was organized by the Faculty for Legal and Business Studies Dr Lazar Vrkatic and the Center for Politics and Euro-Atlantic Partnership. A TV report about the event, which was produced by the Radio Television of Vojvodina, is available below (Serbian only).