Sep 14, 2018
REGEX is a NATO - supported opportunity for a Partner country to plan an exercise from the Beginning to the End according to its training requirements. The REGEX initiative involves one Partner nation inviting neighboring Partners to a national exercise, while NATO provides support to all Exercise planning workshops.
In 2017 Serbia proposed to host REGEX 18 military exercise. In this context, 7 workshops will be organized, two were alreday conducted in 2017 and five are going to take part in 2018. Final exercise will take place in Belgrade on October 2018. 
The REGEX initiative supports NATO objectives by making partner nations familiar with NATO procedures by building up trust and understanding for a better cooperation in the region, and by promoting increased interoperability. Serbian Armed Forces aims on train and mentor exercise planners from partner nations (Partnership for Peace/PfP, Mediterranean Dialogue/MD, Istanbul Cooperation Initiative/ICI, Partners across the Globe /PatG) on planning and organizing, as well as conducting a Multinational Brigade level Exercise (REGEX) in accordance with NATO procedures and standards.
Scenario for REGEX 18 will foresee a NATO led and UN approved Peace Support Operation. It will be specially developed for REGEX 18 and will be political and religious neutral.  


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