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KFOR Commander Maj. Gen. Lorenzo D’Addario visits Belgrade

KFOR Commander, Maj. Gen. Lorenzo D'Addario visited Belgrade where he met with representatives of the Serbian Government and Armed Forces.
At the meeting with the Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff Lt. Gen. Milan Mojsilović, two generals discussed the security situation in the region and agreed that direct communication between KFOR and the Serbian Armed Forces in essential for monitoring the situation on the ground and preserving security.
During his visit, KFOR Commander met with Serbian Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin, who thanked Maj. Gen. D'Addario for preserving peace and security in Kosovo, expressing high hopes that a good level of cooperation between the Serbian Armed Forces and KFOR will be maintained.
(Maj. Gen. D'Addario greeted by the Chief MLO Brig. Gen. Marinelli to the 12th NATO Military Liaison Office Belgrade Anniversary reception)
In addition, Maj. Gen. D'Addario visited the NATO Military Liaison Office in Belgrade and attended the reception marking the 12th anniversary of the inauguration of the NATO MLO Belgrade. Chief of MLO, Brigadier General Cesare Marinelli, met with Commander KFOR, Major General Lorenzo D’Addario, to discuss cooperation between the NATO MLO Belgrade and KFOR. The meeting was an opportunity to strengthen the links between the two missions, particularly MLO’s supporting role to KFOR, and promoting cooperation with counterparts in Serbia. The two generals also discussed the security and political situation in the region, highlighting the important role of NATO’s missions in maintaining stability.
 (Chief MLO Brig. Gen. Marinelli and Maj. Gen. D'Addario at the NATO Military Liaison Office Belgrade)
(Maj. Gen. D'Addario signing the MLO guestbook at the NATO Military Liaison Office Belgrade)
Major General Lorenzo D’Addario is the 23rd Commander of KFOR since the mission’s establishment in 1999. He assumed his duty on 28 November 2018.

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