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Jan 21 2021

Serbian President Vucic meets JFC Naples Commander Admiral Burke

BELGRADE - Admiral Robert Burke, Allied Joint Force Command Naples Commander met with the President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić to discuss mutually beneficial NATO Serbia partnership and forms of cooperation all within Serbia’s policy of military neutrality. The meeting was attended by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence, Nebojša Stefanović, and the Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, General Milan Mojsilović.

President Vučić underlined that Serbia has been a member of NATO's "Partnership for Peace" programme for fifteen years. He believes that a regular dialogue between representatives of Serbia and the officials of the Alliance's political and military structures immensely help strengthened mutual understanding and trust. 

Serbia is an important factor for peace and stability in the region

In his first visit to the Western Balkans, during which he visited KFOR in Pristina, Sarajevo and Belgrade, Admiral Burke said that he came here to get a better sense of the region, since stability and security of the Western Balkans is important for NATO.
We always look to how to continue to strengthen our partnership, our well-established cooperation through NATO’s ongoing support to military reforms and capability building, and with joint efforts to ensure a peaceful and safe environment for all, which is a prerequisite for prosperity.

JFC Naples Commander Admiral Burke and Serbian President Vucic at the meeting in Presidents Palace in Begrade

Given that the Allied Joint Force Command Naples is in charge of KFOR, President Vučić said that the members of that mission had an important role in maintaining peace and stability in Kosovo. He also underlined the importance of scientific and technological cooperation and many beneficial projects that came out as the result of this cooperation, as well as mutually useful cooperation in other areas, especially in the field of civil protection and emergency situations, with exercise "SRBIJA 2018" being a living proof of it. 

During the meeting, the significance of participation of members of the Serbian Armed Forces in UN and EU missions was praised and emphasized on as part of Serbia's efforts to contribute to international peace and stability throughout the world.

At his meeting with Admiral Burke, Minister Stefanović expressed concern for the security of the Serbian people in Kosovo, complimenting the work of KFOR and underlining he expects support and an active role of KFOR in protecting Serbian people and preserving stability to continue. Speaking about the cooperation between Serbia and NATO, Stefanović underlined that Serbia cooperated with all partners in a transparent way in accordance with the policy of military neutrality and the “Partnership for Peace” programme, which represents the optimal framework for cooperation. Various partership mechanisms, along with participation in joint training and international exercises contributed to the development of interoperability, the importance of which for the Serbian Armed Forces is most visible during engagements in UN- and EU-led peacekeeping operations.

Admiral Burke with Defense Minister Stefanovic.
Meeting between the JFC Naples Commander Admiral Burke and Serbian Defense Minister Stefanovic

Admiral Burk emphasized that the Republic of Serbia and NATO were close partners and that successful participation of Serbian forces in multinational operations was one of the results of that partnership. According to him, the KFOR mission remains unchanged and a stable situation in the area of ​​responsibility is of key importance for the security in the region. He also pointed out that there was an excellent dialogue between the Serbian Armed Forces and KFOR, as well as that communication channels were constantly open.

Story by JFC Naples Public Affairs Office

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