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Oct 11 2016

NATO MLO Belgrade celebrates 10th Anniversary

BELGRADE - The NATO Military Liaison Office in Belgrade celebrated the 10th anniversary of its establishment with a reception held at the Embassy of Slovak Republic that acts as the NATO Contact Point Embassy.

The event was attended by JFC Naples representative, Brigadier General Reinhard Kloss, Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic, Minister of Defense Zoran Djordjevic, members of the Serbian Armed Forces, as well as diplomatic, media, and NGO representatives.

"NATO and Serbia have come a long way in the past 10 years as we talk more, exercise more, and learn from each other. Our office certainly remains committed to continue developing our partnership and supporting Serbia’s desired level of cooperation with the Alliance by respecting your wish to stay military neutral,” said General Marinelli.
Assistant Minister for Security Policy Branimir Filipovic said that the intensity of political dialogue and an all-around practical cooperation are witness to the high level of Serbia-NATO relations. "This policy will be promoted further within the scope of our declared policy of military neutrality, one that does not lead to isolation and self-sufficiency but fosters our orientation towards being a solitary, responsible, and predictable partner, both in the region and at European and global levels,” said Filipovic.

Since the establishment of the NATO office in late 2006, when Serbia also joined the Partnership for Peace program, the Serbian Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces conducted more than 1400 activities with NATO, including 22 major exercises, trainings, and visits. In the past two years NATO and Serbia have been working together on the implementation of the country’s first Individual Partnership Action Plan in the priority areas that include political dialogue, military and scientific cooperation, and public diplomacy. During this same time, the number of bilateral activities increased from 106 to 119.

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