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Mar 10 2020

Chief MLO meets with Minister Vulin

BELGRADE - Brigadier General Tomasso Vitale met for the first time with Serbian Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin since assuming the role of the Chief of the NATO Military Liaison Office in Belgrade in January 2020.

In this introductory meeting, Brigadier General Tommaso Vitale expressed his satisfaction for being given this opportunity to represent NATO in Serbia and to continue the important task of deepening cooperation while promoting the importance and benefits that NATO-Serbia partnership brings to all.

Minister Vulin pointed out that Serbia is a militarily neutral country and that cooperation with NATO under the auspices of the Partnership for Peace Programme is an ideal framework.

Minister Aleksandar Vulin with Chief NATO MLO Brigadier General Tommaso Vitale (photo Serbian MoD)

General Vitale pointed out that NATO respects the military neutrality of Serbia and said that there would be no reduction in the number of KFOR troops. Both the Minister and Chief MLO agreed that KFOR is the guarantor of security in Kosovo.

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