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May 23 2023

KFOR Regional Command West completes "Eagle Nine" exercise

PRISTINA - The "Eagle Nine" activity conducted by the Regional Command - West (RC-W), based on 9th Alpine Regiment, with the aim of increasing the presence of KFOR troops, both along the Administrative Boundary Line and in some of the most remote areas of Kosovo, was concluded.

The activity, lasting a total of 3 days, involved the deployment of military personnel and vehicles, in a particularly inaccessible and difficult area of western Kosovo, characterized by its mountainous and non-permissive environment. In this context, the “Alpini” unit, thanks to the inherent mountain capabilities specifically, monitored the territory and prevented any movement of illegal traffic across the border area.

Italian KFOR units, reinforced by North Macedonian, Albanian and Moldovan platoons, conducted static observation posts, supported by day and night mobile patrols in the municipalities of Istog, Strpce, Rahovec, Elez Han, Kacanik and Dragash.

Following the simulation of an explosion, a specialized KFOR dog unit, trained in explosive ordnance search and clearance was deployed, which on completion of its task allowed for the opening of a safe corridor for troop transit and personnel rescue and recovery.

"Eagle Nine," as highlighted by Colonel Mario Bozzi, Commander of Regional Command West, represented a key opportunity for increasing the readiness state of multinational RC-W assets, creating conditions for the optimization of procedures adopted by the deployed units.

KFOR operates under the mandate of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 of 1999, with the task of guaranteeing a safe and secure environment as well as ensuring freedom of movement for all communities in Kosovo.

Story by KFOR Public Affairs Office

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