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Dec 22 2022

The year-end event organized by the Radio KFOR and 4U Magazine


PRISTINA - The End of Year event, organized by the ‘’Radio K4’’ and ‘’4You magazine’’ staff, hosted all the key players who have supported and cooperated with them with the intention of providing accurate, neutral, and transparent information.

The occasion proved to be a great opportunity to strengthen such cooperation and facilitate the promotion of the KFOR mission's core values of security, peace, tolerance, understanding and coexistence for the benefit of all communities in Kosovo.

Major General RISTUCCIA, KFOR Commander, opened the event with an address of greeting to all who were present.

In his speech, he emphasized that KFOR has revealed a success story and a solid reality, made on international community's commitment, men and women who firmly believe in the vital importance of building up, brick by brick, a solid castle of peace, security, dialogue and fruitful coexistence.

Cultural diversity has to be assumed as an opportunity to enrich ourselves.

Recent events have shown that progress, stability and steps forward in building up a thriving future could be jeopardized by a single unweighted decision or action. The results achieved to date could be easily shattered and all the sacrifices made, could become useless. A better future is not a dream, it is the result of a tremendous common effort, wisdom, judgement and commitment.

The beating heart of Kosovo remain people to whom KFOR always keep close through the outstanding work of ‘’Radio K4’’ and ‘’4You magazine’’.

When there is a common sense of purpose, we move as one with a single vision. It does not matter how difficult shaping the present would be, how many challenges we should face. The only important thing is the thriving future all of us deserve. Let us continue working together to move forward.

Addressing to students that were present, both from Kosovo-Albanian and Kosovo-Serbian schools, KFOR Commander encouraged them to keep on studying in order to broaden their ability to judge the situations they will face, hence, to make decision by their selves without any kind of influence that, to some extent, could be detrimental to their future.

The General concluded his greeting wishing to all the participants and to their beloved ones, personally and on behalf of all KFOR members, a very positive Holiday Season and a fruitful new year full of what everyone desire the most, also his personal wish to Kosovo that peaceful steps forward in grounding the young generation’s future by solid perspectives.

Holiday Season is on the doorstep and now more than ever is really important to take e break and meditate upon our future.

2022 has been a very tough year for everyone, made on a multitude of challenges hard to be overcome.

Urge everybody to take pride in what has been achieved so far, considering it as a brick upon which to lay another one.

Story by KFOR Public Affairs Office


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