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Oct 13 2022

The new motto of KFOR XXVII “Shaping the present for a better future”


PRISTINA - The Kosovo Force XXVII motto was conceived as a reminder of the bond in deeds that exists between NATO and all the people of Kosovo and a recognition of the continued effort by a wide number of nations including NATO Allies and partners - that take part in this mission.

By contributing to create a safe and security environment and freedom of movement for all the people of Kosovo, under the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 of 1999, KFOR contributes to shape the conditions for a better future for those living in Kosovo.

The motto also aims at reaffirming that in this effort NATO is not alone: other International Organizations are strongly committed, and so are the countries of the region: all pledge their resolve to ensure progress, long lasting stability and a thriving future.

Therefore, in this spirit, the motto is a testimony of a common vision, a joint endeavor and a shared purpose, granting better perspectives for the benefit of future generations. When there is a common sense of purpose, we move as one with a single vision. It doesn’t matter how difficult shaping the present could be, how many challenges we should face. What is really important is the thriving future this region deserves.

The motto recognizes how much bonds us together in our common endeavor.

It also reflects ideal continuity among the NATO Commanders who have in time succeeded in KFOR. Through them, we are reminded of the generations of soldiers and civilians that have been working together towards this goal for twenty-three years, led by a common perspective.

Men and women to whom we ideally connect in carrying out our mission today, as best as we can and with the same intent.

We stand committed in shaping the present, determined as we are to ensure Kosovo is a safer place, progress is long lasting and future is thriving for the next generations.

Story by KFOR Public Affairs Office

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