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Dec 3 2022



PRISTINA - The medical emergency airlift from Pristina to Naples of Irena, a two-month-old baby in serious health conditions, took place recently.

Thanks to KFOR organization and to the Italian Joint Operations Command, an Air Force aircraft was able to transport the little girl who suffers of a very serious heart disease, together with her mother, from Pristina to the "Monaldi" hospital in Naples, where a specialized medical team will take care of her.

The Carabinieri of the MSU Regiment -Multinational Specialized Unit, part of the KFOR Mission, activated the Italian Embassy in Pristina and the Italian Joint Operations Command so to quickly finalize the generous collaboration offered by the "Monaldi" Hospital, recognized as a center of excellence for neonatal pathologies and by the "Povere Figlie della Visitazione di Maria" religious institute in Naples, which will host the baby's mother for the entire period of treatment.

The concrete and significant gesture helps to consolidate the relationship of friendship, cooperation and solidarity between the NATO KFOR Mission, the Italian Institutions and Kosovo.

Story by KFOR Public Affairs Office

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