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Aug 22 2022

KTRBN Medal Parade


PRISTINA - KFOR Commander, Major General Ferenc KAJÁRI, the Deputy Commander, Brigadier General Luca PIPERNI and the Chief of Staff, Brigadier General John W. BOZICEVIC presided together the Medal Parade ceremony to the Hungarian KFOR Tactical Reserve Battalion at Camp Novo Selo.

General KAJÁRI in his speech emphasized that: "You, ladies and gentlemen completed your tasks in an exemplary manner, and maintained your duty with integrity, honour, and selfless service. You also managed to uphold the proud traditions that exemplified the reliability of the Hungarian soldiers. During the past few months, we have seen several challenges but you were able to overcome those challenges. To see my fellow Hungarians excel in every possible way is a privilege on its own."

The departing Hungarian soldiers were decorated with the NATO Non-Article 5 "Balkans" medal as a symbol of their proved commitment during their deployment in Kosovo.


Story by KFOR Public Affairs Office

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